Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A $100,000.00 dollar decision

It is 2am in the morning on Wednesday, October 14th. I am working like I usually do beyond the necessary hours that I should. Mostly because I want to be a success. What does it take to be a success in something? Is it important that your the best at it or is it just enough that you at least tried? Who gives the ok that you are better than me or that I am better than you, is either really true? I have been asking myself and many of my students recently this question? What makes you worth a $100,000.00 dollar decision? Are you good enough? Or what can you offer that is worth that amount. When it comes down to the final individuals in any decision, am I or you worth that amount? All of us are good enough, all of us have talent, all of us at one point in our career had IT!!! So what makes you or the person standing next to you to be worth that one moment or moments of getting THAT job and being the last man standing?!?

I love my job - and I love that I get to ponder and work on these answers every day of my life. I only wish to help those around me, including myself, continue to be that $100,000.00 dollar decision.

Food for thought!