Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My question: Sitting on both sides of the audition table

So over the past 5 months I have found myself working and working and working towards a goal that I feel will never find its end. This is a new production endeavor and contract that I have been working towards. Do I feel that it will never happen - absolutely not, it will - its just that as I have been pursuing this endeavor the opportunity has gotten bigger and bigger - making it more and more tasteful and exciting for me as a business man. The saying that joy or satisfaction or peace comes to those who wait better not have been a lie because I have a lot riding on this baby. I mean...I do have to say that the company has been very kind to work out all the details with me of which I am grateful and I am quite positive that we will have a wonderful relationship as we move forth. But the is killing me (I guess because I want it sooo bad!).

So I have been getting a lot of gruff from people who are wanting to see me back in the audition scene - dear friends of mine whom are casting directors, family (Mom) and loved ones. I recently took a small break from auditioning because I felt that I needed to reinvent myself during an economy that was starting to sink. So I did...and in that search for more work and a way to satisfy my entertainment/creative bug I found myself quite pleased with work and connections that I was making. Two years ago I never would have imagined the sort of connections I have made today - I am so happy for those new found friends and business partners. I only hope that my future continues to find the joys and thrills that I have been so blessed recently to experience.

Now, my next question I have asked myself is this...can I sit behind the table and in front of the table and find success. Well....over the next six months we will find that is my next adventure in life. (So keep your eyes open). Over Christmas I am going to hire a music coach, physical trainer, and will be taking dance classes in a hopes to get my body, mind and spirit back in shape for the competition of auditioning. I have been out of the game...but as one dear friend said..."rusty, can be a nice change to see in someone".

My friends - Happy Thanksgiving - I am so happy to be alive and in this world - I pray that you are happy as well. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving in Chesapeake, VA - Finding Peace

It is Monday Night in Chesapeake, VA - I have had a beautiful day filled with work, gym and amazing food (Believe me when I say - they will not let me go hungry). The company is amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I do have to be in such a wonderful location with such wonderful people. I forget what it is like to be outside of New York City and all the hustle and bustle that goes along with that quick paced life. Living in New York City can be exhausting and overwhelming yet it is also a place that forces one to grow as well as a place in which you can achieve your dreams and your passions in life - which believe me when I say I do have plenty. Escaping away from the city of fast paced madness is very nurturing and important - it is what keeps those of us living in New York City able to continue amongst that craziness we call home.

I arrived with BLUE on Sunday and believe me when I tell you that my body has just loved the escape, I have never been more grateful for a slower way of life - Thanks God for the suburbs.

Thanksgiving is upon us and there is a peace I am able to feel while I am here in VA during my visit - a peace that is overwhelmingly filled with comfort. I am surrounded by love here - love - amongst a place of nurture. There is a lot of maturity in this family - a maturity for which I am grateful to learn and be a part of...I choose to keep their struggle and joys sacred, because it is sacred and it is their own. I love them for inviting me here for Thanksgiving.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and wonderful memories and may you find peace in all that you do!



ps: Happy Birthday BROTHER!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Professionalism and learning how to communicate correctly on the job. (A bad example)

This post may be rated R!!! BEWARE!!!!

During a pleasant 5 1/2 hour photoshoot I was at...I received a phone call from an individual whom I hired to do a job in UTAH for me - a new artists whom I have never worked with before that was referred to me by a friend. Jane Doe (to keep her name out of this) was my hair/make-up artist for the photoshoot. Jane begins the conversation by saying that she was done with the job and it went well...(so I am thinking to myself - great!!!)...then all of a sudden she decides to speak to me in a tone that is negative and belittling (as if I only own one company - and this was my first time producing this sort of event - REALLY?) and starts to exaggerate what went on mind you - I am totally fine with someone speaking negative about me or trying to help me correct something about my company... but what happens next is beside me...Jane begins to speak negatively of one of my photographers (I had hired two to do the job) and began to correct me on what kind of photographers I should hire to work with missy....first off, this photographer and all photographers that I have and do work with go through an intense screening process. Not only do I view their portfolios and talk to their previous clients but I also test their skill on the spot by making them take my photos - I am obviously very picky and a high maintenance DIVO and do share some of their work with Broaday Casting Directors, whom I also work with, to get feed back on the type of photographs that are desired in this industry and help talent get called in for auditions. Obviously all of my photographers are overly qualified individuals in the professional world of photography...and the words and comments that Jane Doe referenced had absolutely NO validity because Jane Doe is a makeup/artists in Utah(nothing against UTAH...but really?!? GAWD!!!)....soooo, before you begin to comment on a photographer of mine....know the facts....get more professional work yourself (other than Utah hair and a couple of jobs by mutual friends of ours - and lets be honest in Utah the hair has been known to be higher than the mountains - and growing up in Utah I know this first hand) and know what you are speaking about and actually take the time to get to know all photographers that you are working with....IT IS YOUR FREAKING JOB - YOU DON'T NEED TO LIKE THEM - JUST DO YOUR JOB THAT YOU WERE HIRED BY ME TO DO. You have ruined the chance of other UTAH talent being hired by me for make-up/hair as I have a slew of professional talent from New York who have been considered for "Shear Genius", been on VH1, MTV and Make-up artists who have done celebrity talent, Fashion week and graced many major magazine covers and articles - what have you done missy? I wish that I would have used my BEST FRIEND for this job - as I had originally hoped to do - I will use her when we are back in Utah for sure she is such an easy person to work with - obviously Jane Doe's and my relationship is caput! Thank you JANE DOE for this headache - enjoy your Christmas in Utah - oh wait, I will be there too - see you there!

Working with Shane Maritch - brilliant - thank you!!!

So I had the joy this weekend of working with two wonderful people - Shane Maritch and Nyle Caisley - two very dear friends of mine. On Sunday we literally spent six hours taking care of me - so amazing - and trying to get as many pictures of myself for my new website( which is currently being built for me. The patience that Nyle and Shane had for me was seriously amazing. And for one who owns his own photography company ( I am a very picky with what I am looking for and how I want to be represented... and honestly was completely happy with Shane's work ( and Nyle's work (http://www.paparazziperfect.vpweb).

(As I got to the serious shots of the day it was difficult for me to present a serious more intense look in my headshots...right then I received a phone call on my blackberry that ticked me off)

Well Nyle and Shane were brilliant and could tell what had just happened to me - so Shane picks up the camera and Nyle starts shouting "Use how you are feeling now" - "Shane catch these shots" - we had been looking for a serious look all day and I can honestly say - I think we got em. I keep looking at those picture that Shane took and keep laughing - cause I was pleased!

I suggest them if you need headshots! Great to work with!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Nashville, TN - Broadway Auditions Seminar!!! A Success!

So I have been away from this blog I like to call - my personal emotional outlet to the world - for a little over two weeks. My eyes have been opened in so many ways and I wish that I could take the experiences that I have personally had, put it in a bottle and hand it over to each of you to experience - wow - is really all that I can say.

Nashville, TN was the first of my Master Classes to go National with the help of Alison Franck, Duncan Stewart, Cindi Rush and Robin Carus - the experience was a very emotional one for me. I also had the wonderful pleasure of experiencing all of this with my co-instructor Tambi Matich...what a talent and a beauty! The success and the change that I saw in each of the students was priceless and extremely informative to all who were there. Each day a different teacher, instructor and each day lessons and important information were taught and taken in. My heart, my energy, my all went into teaching this seminar - and I am so appreciative for the outcome that was present. Thank you to everyone who was a part of the "Broadway Auditions Seminar" Wright Way Master Class in Nashville, TN. I am looking forward to Spring 2010 Broadway Auditions Seminar classes in Salt Lake City, UT - Boston, MA - Chicago, IL.

To anyone who is interested in these upcoming seminar's check out
(information on the site will be updated on 11/08/09 - please wait till then to sign up for auditions.)

ps: I am currently watching Jimmy Fallon on NBC and he is playing a game called BUTT WEIGHT - where contestants go the distance carrying weight on their butt....amahzing! lol!

Talk at you later!