Friday, November 6, 2009

The Nashville, TN - Broadway Auditions Seminar!!! A Success!

So I have been away from this blog I like to call - my personal emotional outlet to the world - for a little over two weeks. My eyes have been opened in so many ways and I wish that I could take the experiences that I have personally had, put it in a bottle and hand it over to each of you to experience - wow - is really all that I can say.

Nashville, TN was the first of my Master Classes to go National with the help of Alison Franck, Duncan Stewart, Cindi Rush and Robin Carus - the experience was a very emotional one for me. I also had the wonderful pleasure of experiencing all of this with my co-instructor Tambi Matich...what a talent and a beauty! The success and the change that I saw in each of the students was priceless and extremely informative to all who were there. Each day a different teacher, instructor and each day lessons and important information were taught and taken in. My heart, my energy, my all went into teaching this seminar - and I am so appreciative for the outcome that was present. Thank you to everyone who was a part of the "Broadway Auditions Seminar" Wright Way Master Class in Nashville, TN. I am looking forward to Spring 2010 Broadway Auditions Seminar classes in Salt Lake City, UT - Boston, MA - Chicago, IL.

To anyone who is interested in these upcoming seminar's check out
(information on the site will be updated on 11/08/09 - please wait till then to sign up for auditions.)

ps: I am currently watching Jimmy Fallon on NBC and he is playing a game called BUTT WEIGHT - where contestants go the distance carrying weight on their butt....amahzing! lol!

Talk at you later!

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