Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My question: Sitting on both sides of the audition table

So over the past 5 months I have found myself working and working and working towards a goal that I feel will never find its end. This is a new production endeavor and contract that I have been working towards. Do I feel that it will never happen - absolutely not, it will - its just that as I have been pursuing this endeavor the opportunity has gotten bigger and bigger - making it more and more tasteful and exciting for me as a business man. The saying that joy or satisfaction or peace comes to those who wait better not have been a lie because I have a lot riding on this baby. I mean...I do have to say that the company has been very kind to work out all the details with me of which I am grateful and I am quite positive that we will have a wonderful relationship as we move forth. But the is killing me (I guess because I want it sooo bad!).

So I have been getting a lot of gruff from people who are wanting to see me back in the audition scene - dear friends of mine whom are casting directors, family (Mom) and loved ones. I recently took a small break from auditioning because I felt that I needed to reinvent myself during an economy that was starting to sink. So I did...and in that search for more work and a way to satisfy my entertainment/creative bug I found myself quite pleased with work and connections that I was making. Two years ago I never would have imagined the sort of connections I have made today - I am so happy for those new found friends and business partners. I only hope that my future continues to find the joys and thrills that I have been so blessed recently to experience.

Now, my next question I have asked myself is this...can I sit behind the table and in front of the table and find success. Well....over the next six months we will find that is my next adventure in life. (So keep your eyes open). Over Christmas I am going to hire a music coach, physical trainer, and will be taking dance classes in a hopes to get my body, mind and spirit back in shape for the competition of auditioning. I have been out of the game...but as one dear friend said..."rusty, can be a nice change to see in someone".

My friends - Happy Thanksgiving - I am so happy to be alive and in this world - I pray that you are happy as well. :)


Julie said...

I wonder if the person that said, "good things come to those who wait" is the same person that said, "money doesn't buy happiness" cuz I KNOW the latter is a LIE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Julie - You kill me - Thank you for being a friend! :)