Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just love crazy people.  I mean...perhaps I shouldn't reference crazy...but, wow, that is all that is coming to my head at the moment - CRAZY PEOPLE.

So I had a rehearsal today in Harlem - it lasted way to long and clearly was not organized and had to reference of time.  I was reacting no different than most in that room, other than the fact that my voice is clearly the loudest and most prominent - I got that beautiful talent from my mother (love you mom).  Someone who doesn't really pursue this career (Musical Theatre) tries to tell all of us in a (I am more religious than you) sort of tone that we should focus because we are wasting time.  WHAT!?!   Are you kidding me!!!  HAHAHA!  Did I hear what I just thought I heard...YES I DID!  Some people really have the nerve....seriously.....pre-assume that any of us are to blame.  I rolled my eyes - and just about flipped a lid (if you couldn't tell my lid sometimes can be a little short).  The worst part of all this - is about 45 minutes later she snapped at me during the choreography - which then pissed me off.  So a couple of things that went wrong 1. There were to many chiefs in the rehearsal.  2.  You have performers that have no idea what they are doing trying to tell you stupid out of place comments.  3. The rehearsal in the end was a waste of time and could have been managed better.  4. There is no through line for the whole showcase.  5. We have a bunch of UTAH MORMONS - referencing a word that should sound like "hour - without the h", like "R"....it just sounds immature and completely unprofessional.  OY!  We will never get any better if we do not pay attention to the most important details of diction and vowels and acting and character development - but I guess we arent trying to succeed in that area - now are we.

I just had to get that off my chest - because clearly I am so beside myself with this situation - I was going to invite some important influential people to this event...but am now completely second guessing this idea - SERIOUSLY!

Anyway...hope everyone is having fun.  WEBSITES of my companies are coming soon!  CANT WAIT!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am now on Twitter:  Wrightran

Look me up - lets join in the races!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is so good - Jobs - opportunity - New York Aids Coalition

Life is so great right now - somewhat perfect I might say. I realized recently that I am spending less time checking in and writing here - which honestly shocks me because I love writing and sharing my opinions. When I am happy - I don't have much to complain about - and right now I am happy. Just saying!

I have so many things to be grateful for...I am working...that is one thing. And two I have had the opportunity to create some companies of which I am very proud of. It is difficult to focus my thoughts and ideas on anything else - other than business - but I guess that is where life is taking me.

I also have begun to take voice again - and am focusing on preparing my self for my first Broadway job. I have to believe that my time is near - it just feels like life is opening a door, and it would be stupid of me not to open that door and walk right in. I am friends with some of the most amazing people and yes they desire to see me succeed as much as I do myself.

I am waiting to hear from a project in support of the New York Aids Coalition - I am hoping to help with a couple of fundraising ideas so that I can work on building my soul by giving of my time and of myself for a purpose that I so strongly believe in. I hope that many people will feel that same urge and reach out to help.

Anyway - my job at IBM is also going very well - which reminds me - I need to get to bed! I will talk with you later! Take care!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

IBM!!! - Grace or Fear?!? - Loving Life

So I have been working this job for IBM for the past couple of days...I cant really go into the details of it all...but what I can say is that I am soooo extremely grateful for the opportunity and chance to help and expand my horizons.  The experience truly does motivate me - and opens up a part of my brain that I honestly don't use all the time.  Its great.  Not only do I have such an amazing job but I also have an amazing boss and a great group of people that I get to work with.  The diversity within the job...is so brilliant...you can only admire the mind and talent of the one who hired us...we shall call him "The One".  (I honestly don't know where that came from - hahaha).

So everyone is well aware of my situation during the end of March - with the two roomies.  I would like to confirm that everything has been resolved.  And was resolved with great grace. However, throughout this experience I can honestly say that one of the two roomies, in my eyes, gained some respect and the other one lost some respect.   Thats all I really want to say about that.  We can choose to handle things in our lives with GRACE or with FEAR - sadly FEAR also creates hypocrites and is one of the main motivators for a closed minded society, community and individual.

Love is so great right now - Life and the experiences that are being offered in Life are so great right now.  

I hope life is rewarding you and your loved ones during this difficult time.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Day at a 9-5 job - April 1st

So it is APRIL 1st - and I begin my big job today.  I was thinking to myself...what if I got there and the company who hired me is like...Joking...you don't really have a job...April Fools day.  THAT WOULD NOT BE FUNNY AT ALL...just saying.  

I have to work out and get ready for my day...I will comment later about the job...and about my experience.  SO FUN!