Thursday, February 26, 2009

New York Aids Coalition, NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP! - The Sunset Cruise For Change - "We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In the World"

Dear Friend,

I am changing my tone today as I feel it necessary that I do so.  My dear friends at the New York Aids Coalition are currently volunteering their time and have not been paid for over 6 weeks.  As of March 31st it is possible that the company will be disolved completely...this cannot happen.

NYC has over 1/4 of all the HIV/AIDS cases in the it is necessary that lobbying in the government and preventative care in NYC/NY state are financed programs that continue to thrive.  Without the New York Aids Coalition we could lose a majority of the money that takes care of those and helps those living with HIV/AIDS today.  

My friends...this is not an enjoyable time of our country...however, I will not sit by and watch people suffer.  We need ways to build our soul...and there is no better way to build that than to know that you are helping a much needed cause.  So this is one of many efforts that I will do to help this company thrive.  

Simply just donating to any company that refrences HIV/AIDS, does not mean that the money will go to helping the New York Aids Coalition out - They need our immediate help.  

How can you help?  Well I would like to organize fundraising events throughout the city/state and country if possible.  Shows, walks and parties focused on this behalf.  Email me personally at:

Dear friends...Thank goal is to help them raise at least $100,000.00 dollars doing that alone.  

Then during this summer/fall we will be doing a cruise called "Sunset Cruise For Change"...for this event we will be asking major companies to take part in the necessary change to raise money and better awareness in our city/state through the New York Aids Coalition.  And our goal for this event will be $500,000.00.  If you would like take part in sponsoring this event...please feel free to email at:

If you would simply just like to donate to the New York Aids Coalition...please be kind and either contact me directly at either of the above emails...or go to:  or call (212) 629-3075.

Thank you for allowing me to stand on my box...and ask for help.  But that is exactly what we NEED to do....HELP!


Rance Wright

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dealing with people who dont know you - Running Businesses...its a life.

So it is 3:51am on a Wednesday morning...and I am not sleepy.  Let me explain.  

One...I am a very direct person in general.  I say it how it is...and not often with any sort of sensor. I will be honest...I kind of like that about myself...that I can be honest, direct and have absolutely no tact in the process....hahaha - kidding of course.  While expressing with an individual - a potential male headshot photographer from Utah that I have been looking at recently to bring on board a company of mine - I expressed to him my overall headache and frustration with dealing with people who try to steal an idea or creative nature...and I potentially threw out the phrase "liable in a court of law". They expressed in return to me that I was trying to threaten them.  

I sat there for a moment...laughed...perhaps giggled a little...then was taken a back...and thought - REALLY?!?  Does this person know me at all.  (And the answer to that is OBVIOUSLY NOT!).   I have worked my hardest and paid out of my (*!&%&$*) to have this company and idea patented and pay lawyers to watch over the company and make sure NO one is trying to steal my idea (I mean the country is in a bad place...but that doesnt mean we have to be untalented and uncreative artists and steal someone elses ideas or talents).  And since I don't really trust the world from not stealing my idea...I backed myself up.  MUAH-HA-HA-HA!

Anyway...I patiently replied...and with a little sensor this time..and expressed myself in a very real and yet caring terms...I simply expressed that I will not be taken for a fool.  You can never take class...never have really any experience...pick up a camera and start taking pictures...and assume that you know what you are talking about (I mean most of us assume anyway). However, take me as a will not.

That being said...I do hope that I have the opportunity to work at somepoint with this person and am able to bring him on board...and that things do clear up between us.  I think it is for the betterment of everyone really.  

Needed to get that off my chest.  Felt it important.

Two...I am currently casting two shows - just finished one.  Running my company - "The Photography Train".  Am working on Master Classes for Artists in the NYC area called "The Wright Way Master Classes" (which by the way if you are an artists and are on facebook you can look at up under Groups and become a member).  And just recently applied to work for IBM for 3 months.  You could say I am a little busy.  My agent and all my casting agent friends whom I have spoken to...just laughed and Rance...he has a plan, he usually does! 

Anyway...I will be all across the country in March...wish me luck!  :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Krystal...argghh! - Life is great - Working Hard

So I recently found out the my youngest sister(Krystal)...and her hubby came all the way out to New York State...and didnt even care to let me know that they had decided to go with a different plan and not come to NYC...or even better yet...didnt even try to make plans to have me come up and visit with them.  I mean I haven't seen them since I was in Hawaii...which was before my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or the New Years...but I guess it doesnt matter much to them.  Just Saying.  Its Cool.  You win some and you lose some.  I mean....if I was that close to my siblings...I would take the effort to reach out to them and let them way or the other...and not have them sitting on edge wondering what is going on. is really great right now...I have wonderful roommates...wonderful friends...wonderful new interests...and wqkrafdaz0g9ydat42q6thyqataw  (wouldn't you like to know what that said...hahaha).  Anyway...I am loving life...and life is loving me.  

I am working so hard right now...setting up my business in 5 major cities across the country.  I am also working on Master Classes with some of the most amazing people in the performing business.  Casting Agents, Agents, Broadway Choreographers, etc.  Its all really exciting I must say.  And it is wonderful that it is all coming together the way that I need it to come together. Pretty soon I will need an assistant...And I am not sure I am ready for an assistant..hahaha!  So I must slave all the work by myself.

I wish to be closer to my family...I love them...It is difficult that I have had to already miss out on some of the most important holidays of the year and births as well.  I will try and not do that again.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Songs Sung By Rance Wright

If you are missing some of the soft sounds of Rance Wright...hahaha...then here is some music I recorded before Graduating from the Boston Conservatory with my Masters in Musical Theatre with a Dance Choreography Emphasis

1. I Know I Chose Right

2. Road You Didn't Take


Saturday, February 7, 2009

My life as a Wicked Disney Character

Rehearsing...singing...tapping the rhythms...getting emotionally involved in your is a lot of stuff to focus on...especially if you self proclaim that you are A.D.D.  (which I obviously do.)  

La di da di the rhythm again.   La di da di freaking da...oy...I will come back to this later.  Help Me Jose!  hahaha!  

So yeah...I am up for a wicked guy in a Disney Production...finally a company that realizes the true person that I am.  hahaha.   Muah-ha-ha!   I am curious though...why is the music so chipper and least my part of it is....I hope the underscoring is dark and mysterious...otherwise I will consider myself auditioning for the role of the princess...Just saying. Perhaps they see in me my true evil self that just hasn't come out yet...ya could happen...that I become some major wizard who has evil powers here on earth...I least my nephews and nieces would totally love it.  
Yeah...don't have much to say..just had to share my thoughts of rehearsing on a Saturday afternoon...WHAT?  Really?  hahaha...Just Saying!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Issues...Argghhh! - Blabbing.

It is Wednesday...I am falling behind on so many promises to myself most of all which suck more than I want to admit.  I am still dealing with this issue with Mike Davids of Special Productions...or whatever company he likes to admit that he is associated with.  I have spoken to my Lawyers...and rather than waiting on his terms we are moving forward with the courtcase...which I honestly would rather not do...but when someone keeps on delaying everything for their own gain...its wrong.  And I agree.  So that drama continues to move forward.  

I find myself attaching to my all...only to realize they cannot commit to their own word(I am not innocent with that either in the past).  

Also...One thing that really make me laugh (in sarcasm) is when someone I know and love expresses to me what I need to change...and yet in their own life dont have the strength and ability to make change in themselves.  If your going to be one who offers advice...than you better be that person that I can look at for change...or forget it.  Just Saying. 

Does love actually exist in this world? If it does...isnt love an expression focused on someone else and not yourself? Maybe I am so consumed with myself at this moment in my life that love is farfetched for me.  Who knows.