Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Issues...Argghhh! - Blabbing.

It is Wednesday...I am falling behind on so many promises to myself most of all which suck more than I want to admit.  I am still dealing with this issue with Mike Davids of Special Productions...or whatever company he likes to admit that he is associated with.  I have spoken to my Lawyers...and rather than waiting on his terms we are moving forward with the courtcase...which I honestly would rather not do...but when someone keeps on delaying everything for their own gain...its wrong.  And I agree.  So that drama continues to move forward.  

I find myself attaching to my all...only to realize they cannot commit to their own word(I am not innocent with that either in the past).  

Also...One thing that really make me laugh (in sarcasm) is when someone I know and love expresses to me what I need to change...and yet in their own life dont have the strength and ability to make change in themselves.  If your going to be one who offers advice...than you better be that person that I can look at for change...or forget it.  Just Saying. 

Does love actually exist in this world? If it does...isnt love an expression focused on someone else and not yourself? Maybe I am so consumed with myself at this moment in my life that love is farfetched for me.  Who knows. 


nyn said...

I am sorry things seem down. I love you Rance and I know that you love others so much to. It sounds like you are being pretty hard on yourself. I hope things look up soon *kisses and hugs*

jmm43 said...

good luck with everything, Rance. I know how stressful, exhausting, and all around blech court cases can be.