Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broadway Auditions Seminar SUBMISSIONS still being accepted for Nashville, Chicago, Orlando, St.Paul/Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

(ALTHOUGH AUDITIONS ARE OVER NOW (September 22, 2009) - you can still submit your audition through the website:

Wright Way Master Classes is bringing four (4) of Broadways Biggest Casting Directors to Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, Chicago and Orlando this fall (Classes will be one week in October or November) for a Broadway Auditions Seminar – each night a different casting director. This opportunity will only be offered to 15 lucky students – truly an opportunity of a lifetime to be seen and work with those who currently make a decision in the field of theatre and entertainment today.

(ALTHOUGH AUDITIONS ARE OVER NOW (September 22, 2009) - you can still submit your audition through the website:

SUBMISSION DUE DATE FOR MINNEAPOLIS - (ALTHOUGH AUDITIONS ARE OVER NOW (September 22, 2009) - you can still submit your audition through the website:

SUBMISSION DUE DATE FOR CHICAGO, LOS ANGELES, NASHVILLE AND ORLANDO - - (September 22, 2009) - you can still submit your audition through the website:

How to apply: Audition’s can be done in person or by VIDEO audition. All applicants whether submitted by Agent, Entertainment professional or auditioning in person must send in an audition in order to be considered for the class. Headshot/Resume and VIDEO AUDITION (consisting of two contrasting pieces of music or song and one monologue totaling no longer than 3 minutes.) .

There is a cost for the one week seminar – so make sure to check out for details on the class and what to expect – don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them.

Submit audition to

For more information about the class go to

(ALTHOUGH AUDITIONS ARE OVER NOW (September 22, 2009) - you can still submit your audition through the website:

Friday, August 21, 2009

I love what I do - If you missed the auditions for THE BROADWAY AUDITIONS SEMINAR, you can still apply.

I have had the pleasure over the past three weeks to view some of the most amazing talent across this country - talent that is raw and looking to be nurtured. I am awww inspired by this drive to succeed and this drive and positive energy that finds itself around me. I hope it has something to do with me - honestly though, I feel it is the drive of "The Artist". I have learned soooo much on this trip across the country - about my own craft. I have become humbled in this experience and hope that those who auditioned for me learned as much as I did from them.

I am so grateful to GOD for the experience to love what I do - the experience to wake up every morning knowing that I love my job - and love that I get to work with some of the coolest people in the world (That goes for all the professional artists, soon to be professional artists and unfound talent).

So many things are coming down the pipe-line that I am excited about - so expect to hear some great things soon!

Well - I am off to Tampa in the morning (leaving Orlando) and spending VACATION with THE BLUE - :) - YIPPEE!!!


Thanks so much - RANCE

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deyton - Love - St. George - Blessings

Over the past two weeks I have gone through numerous emotions - emotions of joy and emotions of sadness. Ultimately asking myself questions that I never thought I would have to ask myself before. I cried out of anger and I cried simply just to cry. I felt needy and I felt giving and yet nothing and everything seemed to help or leave me at bay. I wanted to be held and I also wanted to not be touched at all. I felt like I had done everything correct and yet felt like I had done nothing right at all. What to do, what to do, what to dooooooooooooooooooooo.

My nephew - Deyton Kash Sorenson - lived 5 days long. Five glorious, stressful, exciting, sad, spiritual, void, filled with emotion, nothing left to give, blessing bountiful days. These days I sadly only got to participate in via pictures and testimonials, these days I only dream I could have been more a part of.

I had the blessing of arriving to Saint George, Utah - on the night prior to my nephew Deyton's funeral - I humbly was asked to sing for my nephews funeral, a song that I honestly LOVE, called FACE TO FACE. In rehearsal the morning of the funeral I was a WRECK, trying to sing a song about seeing God's face and the face of those we loved who we have lost again. A song of recognition that there is life after death. I would open my mouth and begin SOBBING uncontrollably - thinking of my Sister, Brother-in-law and nephew and just wishing things had been different or at least wishing that I had the blessing of seeing him and meeting him when he was here. I was a mess. Yet, as the time came for me to sing the song for my nephew and family - I was oddly blessed with something greater than I and gained not only the strength but yet the courage to sing this song on behalf of my nephew. A power - I cannot explain or try to express in words - a power or spiritual opportunity offered to me - for the benefit of those that would hear. I love god - I love the spirit and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and chances that I am given to be blessed with these experiences. BECAUSE IT WAS NOT MY OWN STRENGTH THAT HELD IT TOGETHER. It was beautiful to behold.

I am so proud to be a Wright and associated to my family tree - they are amazing people with the strength and will to survive - The death of my nephew was hard - but I am a better or more spiritual person due to this experience. And I give credit to that acknowledgement to God and with the help of little Deyton.

To all who have been a part of my life and continue to be a part of my life - My Family, Michael F., Sarah B., Nyle C., Alison F., and all the rest of my friends. Thank you!