Friday, May 28, 2010


YES! I have recently had the pleasure to move to one of the best places in NYC - MIDTOWN - ever since I moved to New York City in 2000 for a show I did at the Fredrick Loewe Theatre at NYU I have desired to live in such a place. I love it when my dreams and reality become one. There is something very special about what is happening to me right now in my life and I am humbled by its greatness.

My production company - Wright Way Productions - will be touring 2 shows throughout the country starting the end of this summer. This is a very exciting endeavor for myself. We shall see what happens...wish me luck!

Also, recently I had the pleasure of meeting a very special lady named Tiffany Williams...this wonderful human being is an inspiration to me.

Enjoy the pics...they are views of NYC (near where I live) and also pictures during my travels to UTAH (business, family and to see a friend get married!!!)

Talk at you all soon!