Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grateful To Be Alive

Is it ok to say this??? I have the most amazing job, friends and family in the world!

Why have I been blessed with the life I have right now. I love how close I am becoming with those I love and adore and I am loving the confusion and drama that that brings as well. I am loving watching and observing as my friends find peace and success in their journey. I am patient with those who are patient with others and myself and furious when people are short with me (that needs to be fixed). I am happy at how the ball of possibility is ever rolling one way and then the next keeping me on my toes.

Just recently I had the wonderful opportunity to audition for Alison Franck for Peter Pan at Paper Mill Playhouse (after a year in a half at being on the other side of table and not auditioning - eeek!). My stomach was turning all day - it was turning out of anxiety and worry. Wow, how I forgot how nerve racking the audition process was. I was a mess! hahaha! The audition went well and the song choice I had prepared came off well - however - I realized how out of it I was (A personal realization) - I appreciate Alison's comment a day later during a conversation with her... "You never would have known you hadn't auditioned for a year and a half" - BLESS HER AND HER SWEET HEART (This is why I love her so).

So my goal of getting back into the game is actually happening...slowly but is happening. Trying to manage everything I want to accomplish is causing me to have no sleep...but I am happy...and I am grateful to be alive.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Understanding the past..motivates the future! (Lady Gaga)

What drives us in our lives to do things or to go it a desire to find what is beyond the next corner or the next opportunity? Is it a hope to walk in a different path or to see things a little bit different than someone else saw it before? Will the path of life and the history of man always repeat itself? Such as the scriptures of old...or old music...or art in general.

During the Grammy's Sunday night I had a new found friend tell me that life will repeat itself on the Best Album of the Year category. One...that I have to be honest....was hoping Miss Lady Gaga would take home yet lost to Taylor Swift (who did deserve it). Why? Why am I so moved by Miss Lady Gaga, well, because of her social statements that she makes every time she hits the stage. Is this new or is history repeating itself? Hmmm...if you know history this kind friend pointed know that Madonna set this platform for her...and of Madonna's time...she was the unknown misfit creating contrevorsy much like Lady Gaga is today. I begged to differ...perhaps hoping that he was wrong and that the world had changed...and unlike when Madonna made these statements and were denied the Music Industry's awards ..I was hoping that now their would be support for an artist who stretches current boundries...however, I quickly realized that down deep...he was right. A women of the 2010 current concept of making face on social issues of our time...she has made a definite place for herself in the music industry...wowing and shocking the world. Her death scene during her PAPARAZZI song at the VMA's...screams...MADONNA's sacrifice on the cross. Similar platforms - different times.

As I have taught Master Classes across the country - I continue to be wowed by the talent. But a common thread that I find across the country is sadly not sitting with me very well...and this is how unfamiliar the NOW generation is bringing only current material or popular material to the table. If we do not understand the past or history of music...we are cutting ourselves out of opportunity and knowledge - this makes one look naive and unprofessional. Also, by understanding the past we are better artists and individuals in our craft of music. SO LEARN YOUR HISTORY...AND SING OUT YOUR HISTORY (20's, 30/40's, 50/60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today).

Knowledge and Understanding is POWER!