Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Journey Is Worth It

This was a recent post of mine from my other website - http://The100thousanddollardecision.blogspot.com - I love and believe this entry so much. Enjoy!


FROM: The 100 Thousand Dollar Decision

I do apologize for my absence on this blog. I am back and want to discuss something very beautiful to me at the moment. And that is OUR journey.

In this wonderful art of ours we have an opportunity to bless lives and give to others in so many different ways. Let us not forget that there are many aspects to the the entertainment business and it is important that many of us have more than one purpose in it.

I am a performer, a producer, a teacher and most importantly a friend so as I teach across the country and here in NYC I want all of my students and stunning artists to know that my heart is in it for them. I get it...I understand their journey...as I still find myself in mine.

"There will be a BREAKDOWN before there is ever a BREAKTHROUGH" - Rance Wright

"You will FAIL and you will FAIL AGAIN, however, it is through FAILURE that you shall find success." - Rance Wright

This journey through finding your talent is a difficult one so it is important that you do not beat yourself up as you are traveling this crazy up and down road. I invite you to try everything at least once to find out what your taste is.

Create your opportunities as these opportunities will not always be given to you...and if an idea or opportunity that you create fails...at least you tried and continue to try.

Take risks in your auditions...as long as it is from the heart...we cannot deny you your honesty.

Thank everyone you come in contact with who has uplifted you and helped you on your way.

10 years ago I had a wonderful individual believe in me enough to inspire me to not give up and to set goals for the next 10 years of my life (I was 23 at the time). 10 years later almost every single one of those goals have come to fruition. Thank you Rich.

I invite you to surround yourself with people who can help you do that as well.

As your dreams and reality become one - I promise it is one of the most exciting moments that we are given in this life. I have had the beautiful pleasure to not only see it for myself...but see it in so many of my students as well.

Stay tuned for many more posts!

Kind regards,

Rance Wright
Wright Way Master Classes