Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Delayed in LAS VEGAS, NV

It is December 28th at 8:43am. I am in Las Vegas, NV Airport and finding myself still waiting for my flight to take flight. We are now 2 hours behind schedule and I am gratefully in a good mood.

Oopppssss...It looks like we are boarding...I will return to this blog later. NYC here I come! :)

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Journey Is Worth It

This was a recent post of mine from my other website - http://The100thousanddollardecision.blogspot.com - I love and believe this entry so much. Enjoy!


FROM: The 100 Thousand Dollar Decision

I do apologize for my absence on this blog. I am back and want to discuss something very beautiful to me at the moment. And that is OUR journey.

In this wonderful art of ours we have an opportunity to bless lives and give to others in so many different ways. Let us not forget that there are many aspects to the the entertainment business and it is important that many of us have more than one purpose in it.

I am a performer, a producer, a teacher and most importantly a friend so as I teach across the country and here in NYC I want all of my students and stunning artists to know that my heart is in it for them. I get it...I understand their journey...as I still find myself in mine.

"There will be a BREAKDOWN before there is ever a BREAKTHROUGH" - Rance Wright

"You will FAIL and you will FAIL AGAIN, however, it is through FAILURE that you shall find success." - Rance Wright

This journey through finding your talent is a difficult one so it is important that you do not beat yourself up as you are traveling this crazy up and down road. I invite you to try everything at least once to find out what your taste is.

Create your opportunities as these opportunities will not always be given to you...and if an idea or opportunity that you create fails...at least you tried and continue to try.

Take risks in your auditions...as long as it is from the heart...we cannot deny you your honesty.

Thank everyone you come in contact with who has uplifted you and helped you on your way.

10 years ago I had a wonderful individual believe in me enough to inspire me to not give up and to set goals for the next 10 years of my life (I was 23 at the time). 10 years later almost every single one of those goals have come to fruition. Thank you Rich.

I invite you to surround yourself with people who can help you do that as well.

As your dreams and reality become one - I promise it is one of the most exciting moments that we are given in this life. I have had the beautiful pleasure to not only see it for myself...but see it in so many of my students as well.

Stay tuned for many more posts!

Kind regards,

Rance Wright
Wright Way Master Classes

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July America!

Dear Friends -

Happy 4th of July America! What a beautiful and amazing country this is, a land that is multi-cultural, expansive and beautiful. I am so grateful to those whom have died so that I may live free.

In an effort to respect those whom have gone before us...it is important that we do our part. With freedoms come responsibilities from each and every one of us. May we reach out to help and extend our kindness and love to others. As we help others...we begin to understand a little more about ourselves.

I invite everyone who reads this...to reach out and volunteer your time and efforts to make a true difference in this world.

Again, Happy 4th of July AMERICA! May we celebrate with light and kindness!


Friday, May 28, 2010


YES! I have recently had the pleasure to move to one of the best places in NYC - MIDTOWN - ever since I moved to New York City in 2000 for a show I did at the Fredrick Loewe Theatre at NYU I have desired to live in such a place. I love it when my dreams and reality become one. There is something very special about what is happening to me right now in my life and I am humbled by its greatness.

My production company - Wright Way Productions - will be touring 2 shows throughout the country starting the end of this summer. This is a very exciting endeavor for myself. We shall see what happens...wish me luck!

Also, recently I had the pleasure of meeting a very special lady named Tiffany Williams...this wonderful human being is an inspiration to me.

Enjoy the pics...they are views of NYC (near where I live) and also pictures during my travels to UTAH (business, family and to see a friend get married!!!)

Talk at you all soon!


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Upcoming Nashville Seminars

Dancers: Broadway Intensive
Date of Seminar: June 1st-2nd
*Time for Dancers Intensive: 9am-1pm
Cost for Dancers Intensive: 300.00 (Equity), 350.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Broadway Choreographer: Parker Esse
***Only 30 students in class

Musical Theater: Broadway Intensive
Date of Seminar: June 1st – 2nd
*Time for Musical Theater Intensive: 5pm-9pm
Cost for Musical Theater Intensive: 300.00 (Equity), 350.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Broadway Casting Director: Alison Franck
***Only 20 students in class

Broadway Auditions Seminar
w/ 4 Broadway Casting Directors
Date: October 10-14, 2010
Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm
Cost: $850.00(Equity), $900.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Casting Director: TBA
***Only 15 Students in class – submissions being accepted NOW!

Sign Up Today: http://www.wrightwaymasterclasses.com/national_schedule.php

Wright Way Master Classes - UPCOMING UTAH SEMINARS

Upcoming Utah Seminars

Dancers: Broadway Intensive
Date of Seminar: June 4-5th
*Time for Dancers Intensive: 9am-1pm
Cost for Dancers Intensive: 300.00 (Equity), 350.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Broadway Choreographer: Parker Esse
***Only 30 students in class

Musical Theater: Broadway Intensive
Date of Seminar: June 4-5th
*Time for Musical Theater Intensive: 5pm-9pm
Cost for Musical Theater Intensive: 300.00 (Equity), 350.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Broadway Casting Director: Alison Franck
***Only 20 students in class

Broadway Auditions Seminar
w/ 4 Broadway Casting Directors
Date: February 21-25, 2011
Time: 6:30pm-10:00pm
Cost: $850.00(Equity), $900.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Casting Director: TBA
***Only 15 Students in class – submissions being accepted NOW!

Sign Up Today: http://www.wrightwaymasterclasses.com/national_schedule.php

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dancers Seminar: Booster Shot of 2010 (Part 1 & 2)

Everyone!!! I am so excited to announce my new classes being offered in NYC and soon Nationally. I am so thankful for everyone's support and look forward to the opportunities ahead.

If you are a Dancer...READ BELOW!!!

"BOOSTER SHOTS OF 2010" (part 1 & 2)

Work with Broadway Choreographers and Casting Directors during these two seminars.

Seminar Teacher and Dates for Part 1:
Date: May 10-13
Time: 7-10pm
Cost: 300.00 (Equity), 350.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Casting Director: Alison Franck
1. Noah Racey
2. Dan Knetchges
3. Josh Rhodes

Seminar Teachers and Dates for Part 2:
Date: May 17-20
Time: 7-10pm
Cost: 300.00 (Equity), 350.00 (Non-Equity)
Instructor: Rance Wright
Casting Director: Nikole Vallins
1. Josh Prince
2. Parker Esse
3. TBA


Friday, March 26, 2010

Its scary out there I tell ya!

I am my own barrier...yes, you heard me say it...I am my own barrier. I am giving myself excuses as to why I am not performing or at that...auditioning. IYIYIYIY!!!

Can I be honest here...one year ago I began my companies...in an effort to have a day job. Non of these were ever meant to replace my passion and personal goals in my life...which is to perform on stage. Have I created a business now that states who I am as a person or am I stronger than that and can I fight against the obvious thing standing in front of my way...my own fear.

I have been so blessed in this New York community...I have been accepted by many if not most casting directors to be whom I am...and celebrate that. I have had the pleasure of auditioning for roles that scream my name - Broadway shows - that truly celebrate ME. Why am I so scared now...after taking two years away from the audition circuit...now...to get back in the fight..yikes, that scares me?

I am vocally in the best place I have been in years...and truly feel that I get how to audition..more now than I ever have before. I guess, perhaps, I am somewhat afraid now that perhaps I am to good of friends with those who make the decisions...and don't want to make a possible fool of myself....not that I would...its just the fear I guess I have. (There I said it) Now, just get out and do it.

I am going to commit myself to get back into Ballet...yeah...that is right...I am finding my roots again in dance...and hitting the bar (lets hope I don't actually hit the bar!) lol! I have never left voice training and am so grateful for that (THANK YOU JAMES AND ROXANN).

Wish me luck or break a leg on this endeavor to getting back into the audition scene...its scary out there I tell ya! :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

Beginning April 5th - Booster Shot of 2010 (PART 2) - Broadway Casting Directors and Agents!!!

Booster Shot of 2010 (Part 2)

APRIL 5-14, 2010

Casting Directors:
1. Nikole Vallins of Binder Casting
2. Merri Sugarmen of Tara Rubin Casting
3. Paul Hardt of Stuart Howard Casting
4. Jen Rudin

1. Jamie Harris of CTG
2. TBA

This class will include a one night workshop with Rance Wright (April 5th) the creator and producer of Wright Way Master Classes prior to your working with the Broadway Casting Directors and Agents. A true blend of learning, guidance, directness and change. Then present and work with some of the most influential Casting Directors currently. One Agent still to be announced.

Cost: ($400.00 for Equity, $450.00 for Non-Equity) - Those students who have previously participated in class will get old price for this class.

See you in Class!!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enjoy these two new blogs: 100 Thousand Dollar Decision and Voice of Change Now

Check out the two new blogs and become a follower of both.

1. 100 Thousand Dollar Decision: An Auditioners Guide To Making It Happen - http://100thousanddollardecision.blogspot.com/

2. Voice Of Change: The New Voice of HIV/AIDS - http://voiceofchangenow.blogspot.com/

These are two beautiful blogs for you to enjoy! Have fun!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grateful To Be Alive

Is it ok to say this??? I have the most amazing job, friends and family in the world!

Why have I been blessed with the life I have right now. I love how close I am becoming with those I love and adore and I am loving the confusion and drama that that brings as well. I am loving watching and observing as my friends find peace and success in their journey. I am patient with those who are patient with others and myself and furious when people are short with me (that needs to be fixed). I am happy at how the ball of possibility is ever rolling one way and then the next keeping me on my toes.

Just recently I had the wonderful opportunity to audition for Alison Franck for Peter Pan at Paper Mill Playhouse (after a year in a half at being on the other side of table and not auditioning - eeek!). My stomach was turning all day - it was turning out of anxiety and worry. Wow, how I forgot how nerve racking the audition process was. I was a mess! hahaha! The audition went well and the song choice I had prepared came off well - however - I realized how out of it I was (A personal realization) - I appreciate Alison's comment a day later during a conversation with her... "You never would have known you hadn't auditioned for a year and a half" - BLESS HER AND HER SWEET HEART (This is why I love her so).

So my goal of getting back into the game is actually happening...slowly but surely....it is happening. Trying to manage everything I want to accomplish is causing me to have no sleep...but I am happy...and I am grateful to be alive.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Understanding the past..motivates the future! (Lady Gaga)

What drives us in our lives to do things or to go places....is it a desire to find what is beyond the next corner or the next opportunity? Is it a hope to walk in a different path or to see things a little bit different than someone else saw it before? Will the path of life and the history of man always repeat itself? Such as the scriptures of old...or old music...or art in general.

During the Grammy's Sunday night I had a new found friend tell me that life will repeat itself on the Best Album of the Year category. One...that I have to be honest....was hoping Miss Lady Gaga would take home yet lost to Taylor Swift (who did deserve it). Why? Why am I so moved by Miss Lady Gaga, well, because of her social statements that she makes every time she hits the stage. Is this new or is history repeating itself? Hmmm...if you know history well...as this kind friend pointed out...you know that Madonna set this platform for her...and of Madonna's time...she was the unknown misfit creating contrevorsy much like Lady Gaga is today. I begged to differ...perhaps hoping that he was wrong and that the world had changed...and unlike when Madonna made these statements and were denied the Music Industry's awards ..I was hoping that now their would be support for an artist who stretches current boundries...however, I quickly realized that down deep...he was right. A women of the 2010 current concept of making face on social issues of our time...she has made a definite place for herself in the music industry...wowing and shocking the world. Her death scene during her PAPARAZZI song at the VMA's...screams...MADONNA's sacrifice on the cross. Similar platforms - different times.

As I have taught Master Classes across the country - I continue to be wowed by the talent. But a common thread that I find across the country is sadly not sitting with me very well...and this is how unfamiliar the NOW generation is bringing only current material or popular material to the table. If we do not understand the past or history of music...we are cutting ourselves out of opportunity and knowledge - this makes one look naive and unprofessional. Also, by understanding the past we are better artists and individuals in our craft of music. SO LEARN YOUR HISTORY...AND SING OUT YOUR HISTORY (20's, 30/40's, 50/60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today).

Knowledge and Understanding is POWER!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Love my Facebook status, Over - Confident

So this was my facebook status - and I sort of love it!!!

Rance Wright: To be honest - I would totally do this whole DOPPLEDANGER...bleh bleh bleh thing...but I would end up trying to be funny and just posting a picture of myself...and then some people would be like..."Rance is so into himself"...which honestly wouldn't be false...So I decided to not do it. So don't judge. (lol)

No I am not totally conceited...but I do love to put on that front that I am...I sort of get a kick out of it I guess. My favorite is when people take me too seriously - make a fuss - and I apologize...and the whole time I am just sitting there laughing inside at the situation...cause I know the truth.

Why do I do that though...put on this whole persona? I guess in a small way I sort of am that person...balls all about everything. And being the over-confident person in my life helps me make strong choices with myself and my business opportunities. It also has helped in gearing me to fun performance opportunities that I would otherwise not be fortunate to get or be up for.

Deep down, however, I am sort of a softy and will do just about anything for anyone...ask my family and those who are closest to me.

Earlier today I was helping this wonderful young artists figure out what she was going to prepare for an upcoming class that I am helping to teach with 4 Broadway Casting Directors...I realized how happy it made me to be the coach per-say and reach out in assistance and guidance. I had the pleasure of auditioning everyone who is going to be taking my class and it excites me deeply to know that the talent who have been accepted are taking this opportunity as seriously as it should be taken. You never know who these talented young artists and grown artists will become...it is truly exciting to watch and learn and observe talent catch onto things and to see the light change in each one of them. I am soooo looking forward to teaching in my home state as well and to see old friends!

So as I look back and realized that I have just babbled...I am ok with the overly confident person I have become...and hope that in my efforts to find my own self...that I do not hurt anyone on the way.

Talk at ya later!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time - Low Energy - Thank You - SLC (Wright Way Master Classes)

I have books...and scripts...and resumes...and youtube.com videos to go through....I feel as if my time is so bogged down with no time to give my self. Really though...who am I kidding...buah-ha-ha. I have plenty of time to do just about everything I need to do and more...and thank heavens for that....time.

Recently I found myself boggled down with low energy....and anyone who knows me...knows me well...knows that I always run at 200 percent of what I should be running on. Always trying to accomplish the next biggest or best thing...its true...I can sort of be over the top some times...but it works for me. The low energy...I actually have been getting checked for...over the past couple of days I have scheduled appointments with doctors and such to figure out if this is just a seasonal downer or if my body is checking in on something and telling me "HEY, YOU...SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT IN HERE". As of yet...no response...but I gather nothing is wrong...and I have got some sort of "Winter Blues" (sing me a song please!).

New York is cold...the weather actually hasn't figured it out if it should be cold or warm. This of course is not helping with how I personally am feeling - ill wise(lol) - and also a good conversational changer.

I was speaking to a confidant of mine about promises that some people offer you...and as much as I would love to believe that these people will keep their promises...I am beginning to doubt their word. Its sad really...as I have tried to offer the world to a particular individual...but for some reason in return...I am being forgotten. Its ok...but I guess some things are just too good to be true some times. And some friendships are really not close at all but rather at an arms length or further. Ah well.

I do have to say....Thank you!!!... to everyone who reached out and gave their kind thoughts and words on my behalf. I am deeply grateful and wish the best to you in return.

The Booster Shot of 2010 was a HUGE success with the following people helping to make it a great success - Duncan Stewart, Alison Franck, Alaine Alldaffer, Michele Weiss, Merri Sugarman, Eric Woodall, Joel Carlton, Jason Lane and David Kasner - THANK YOU!

This February 15-19th - Wright Way Master Classes will be in Salt Lake City, Utah offering a one week seminar for 15 students. I am so excited to be back in the state I grew up in to teach this class with 4 very dear friends and Broadway Casting Directors teaching the Broadway Auditions Seminar. I love my job...I love seeing the light in students as they get it...I love life what can I say. http://www.wrightwaymasterclasses.com

Everyone - I must head off to sleep - till next time!