Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grateful To Be Alive

Is it ok to say this??? I have the most amazing job, friends and family in the world!

Why have I been blessed with the life I have right now. I love how close I am becoming with those I love and adore and I am loving the confusion and drama that that brings as well. I am loving watching and observing as my friends find peace and success in their journey. I am patient with those who are patient with others and myself and furious when people are short with me (that needs to be fixed). I am happy at how the ball of possibility is ever rolling one way and then the next keeping me on my toes.

Just recently I had the wonderful opportunity to audition for Alison Franck for Peter Pan at Paper Mill Playhouse (after a year in a half at being on the other side of table and not auditioning - eeek!). My stomach was turning all day - it was turning out of anxiety and worry. Wow, how I forgot how nerve racking the audition process was. I was a mess! hahaha! The audition went well and the song choice I had prepared came off well - however - I realized how out of it I was (A personal realization) - I appreciate Alison's comment a day later during a conversation with her... "You never would have known you hadn't auditioned for a year and a half" - BLESS HER AND HER SWEET HEART (This is why I love her so).

So my goal of getting back into the game is actually happening...slowly but is happening. Trying to manage everything I want to accomplish is causing me to have no sleep...but I am happy...and I am grateful to be alive.