Friday, January 29, 2010

Love my Facebook status, Over - Confident

So this was my facebook status - and I sort of love it!!!

Rance Wright: To be honest - I would totally do this whole DOPPLEDANGER...bleh bleh bleh thing...but I would end up trying to be funny and just posting a picture of myself...and then some people would be like..."Rance is so into himself"...which honestly wouldn't be false...So I decided to not do it. So don't judge. (lol)

No I am not totally conceited...but I do love to put on that front that I am...I sort of get a kick out of it I guess. My favorite is when people take me too seriously - make a fuss - and I apologize...and the whole time I am just sitting there laughing inside at the situation...cause I know the truth.

Why do I do that though...put on this whole persona? I guess in a small way I sort of am that person...balls all about everything. And being the over-confident person in my life helps me make strong choices with myself and my business opportunities. It also has helped in gearing me to fun performance opportunities that I would otherwise not be fortunate to get or be up for.

Deep down, however, I am sort of a softy and will do just about anything for anyone...ask my family and those who are closest to me.

Earlier today I was helping this wonderful young artists figure out what she was going to prepare for an upcoming class that I am helping to teach with 4 Broadway Casting Directors...I realized how happy it made me to be the coach per-say and reach out in assistance and guidance. I had the pleasure of auditioning everyone who is going to be taking my class and it excites me deeply to know that the talent who have been accepted are taking this opportunity as seriously as it should be taken. You never know who these talented young artists and grown artists will is truly exciting to watch and learn and observe talent catch onto things and to see the light change in each one of them. I am soooo looking forward to teaching in my home state as well and to see old friends!

So as I look back and realized that I have just babbled...I am ok with the overly confident person I have become...and hope that in my efforts to find my own self...that I do not hurt anyone on the way.

Talk at ya later!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time - Low Energy - Thank You - SLC (Wright Way Master Classes)

I have books...and scripts...and resumes...and videos to go through....I feel as if my time is so bogged down with no time to give my self. Really though...who am I kidding...buah-ha-ha. I have plenty of time to do just about everything I need to do and more...and thank heavens for that....time.

Recently I found myself boggled down with low energy....and anyone who knows me...knows me well...knows that I always run at 200 percent of what I should be running on. Always trying to accomplish the next biggest or best thing...its true...I can sort of be over the top some times...but it works for me. The low energy...I actually have been getting checked for...over the past couple of days I have scheduled appointments with doctors and such to figure out if this is just a seasonal downer or if my body is checking in on something and telling me "HEY, YOU...SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT IN HERE". As of response...but I gather nothing is wrong...and I have got some sort of "Winter Blues" (sing me a song please!).

New York is cold...the weather actually hasn't figured it out if it should be cold or warm. This of course is not helping with how I personally am feeling - ill wise(lol) - and also a good conversational changer.

I was speaking to a confidant of mine about promises that some people offer you...and as much as I would love to believe that these people will keep their promises...I am beginning to doubt their word. Its sad I have tried to offer the world to a particular individual...but for some reason in return...I am being forgotten. Its ok...but I guess some things are just too good to be true some times. And some friendships are really not close at all but rather at an arms length or further. Ah well.

I do have to say....Thank you!!!... to everyone who reached out and gave their kind thoughts and words on my behalf. I am deeply grateful and wish the best to you in return.

The Booster Shot of 2010 was a HUGE success with the following people helping to make it a great success - Duncan Stewart, Alison Franck, Alaine Alldaffer, Michele Weiss, Merri Sugarman, Eric Woodall, Joel Carlton, Jason Lane and David Kasner - THANK YOU!

This February 15-19th - Wright Way Master Classes will be in Salt Lake City, Utah offering a one week seminar for 15 students. I am so excited to be back in the state I grew up in to teach this class with 4 very dear friends and Broadway Casting Directors teaching the Broadway Auditions Seminar. I love my job...I love seeing the light in students as they get it...I love life what can I say.

Everyone - I must head off to sleep - till next time!