Monday, July 4, 2011

The Wandering Soul... much has happened over the past while. I had to walk out of my last relationship...simply because I felt like I was hurting someone whom I deeply cared for. Regardless of how it may look to others...I felt that what I needed to do was to simply walk away. I deeply cared for this individual and staying in a relationship that was hurting them was the last thing that I wanted to be doing. So in an effort to help save this individual from their misery...I walked away. My heart still aches...sure....but this individuals life and well being meant more to me then sticking with something that would eventually destroy them.

This past 6-8 months has been a lot of deep thinking for me. I had to pull myself away from many whom I loved to figure things out for myself (And that is difficult because I feel like I tend to love a lot of people). I was attending the Maggie Flannigan Studio recently...until one day as I was doing one of the activities....I found myself unable to manage my own emotions. It was then that I realized I needed to step away and come back to this wonderful studio in the future (by the way if you desire to advance your acting The Maggie Flannigan Studio in NYC is one of the best locations to attend). I had some personal issues I needed to walk through first before I jump back into something that exposes me as such. I am so grateful to a group of teachers who truly cared for my well being. And regardless of my issues at that time understood my heart and soul. Thank you.

As my company Wright Way Master Classes ( continues to grow...and we are currently expanding into 6 different genres for next year. I find myself fighting with my dream. Yes I understand that I can conquer all areas if I work my tale end off....but it is the possibility of failing that scares me. My dream to perform on Broadway (the reason I created my company in the first place...was to understand what it took) still haunts me on a daily basis. I am grateful to my friends in this business who also believe that for me and believe it is just around the corner...however, even with that support I fear the possibility.

Sidenote: I sometimes wonder due to my current situation if I should simply have someone managing my professional a (wink, wink).

I am nearing the beginning of a new chapter in my company and my life shortly...and I am excited, nervous and scared as to what that adventure holds for me. (I am typing this right now...and my stomach is turning in circles....aghhh!).

My dream and hope is to always extend myself for others....I may not always do it immediately...but I usually always get around to it. I only wish the greatest success for those I have the pleasure of running into and working with...and those I am bound to meet. Thank you to all...for your kindness and heart as I...the wandering soul...seeks to make since of the gifts I have been given.