Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In an economy like this...can I afford to be a Play'ya?!?

In this economy...I question how beneficial it is for me to continue playing the game of " THE PLAY'YA" read it in this time can I possibly be playing people and there emotions to benefit my own pleasures.  

Over the past 8 months of my life...I have been very focused on myself and in a way licking wounds that have continued to damp'n my desires and my will as a person.  Licking wounds and desiring to take care of  I am so over taking care of me...because I end up simply just basking in my own problems and my own issues...and believe me there are plenty there.
With a new President of our country - Barack Hussein Obama - I have found myself intrigued with trying to make a better me.  And being a better focusing somewhat less on myself...and more on building those who surround me.  By giving of ourselves....and building others...we build guess that somewhat makes me selfish...and again a Play'ya ...right?!?

When does thinking of what is best for someone else ever cross my mind? Does it ever?  Do I really think about them...or do I focus only on myself and my desires and my wishes.  

To the old me...Walk away(or "To the Left" as Beyonce would say)...To the new me...(The Play'ya...or the Play'ya advanced)..."WHA...WHA"!

ps: My heart and prayers go out to my second family...the Christensens...this song has nothing to do with you...I love you guys...never are you to my left!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hours and Minutes...are now corrected!

Totally noticed that my hours and minutes have been off on my BLOG for the past 6 months...hahaha...oops...Just so everyone is aware...I wrote the blog below...just 5 hours ago!  Love technology!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still Sick - Miracle on the Hudson - MILK (movie) -

So I am still sick...ugh....sick of being sick...and lounging around my apartment.   It sort of sucks...because I can feel my thighs getting bigger...hahaha..kidding.  I actually feel like I am losing weight to be honest and not so sure how I feel about that. 

So I just recently got a video and audio recorder....a friend ended up giving me theres....and because they didnt know how to use theirs...I got it.  YIPPEE...So now I have it set up in my begin recording random blogs...yeah I said it...random blogs that I can just talk into...and hopefully have video blogs rather than written blogs.   I think it would be fun every once in a while to have a real person - aka: you the run down of events and things that have been right?

So the Miracle on the Hudson...aka:  Outside my door.  It has done a lot for our community and our pride as New Yorkers.  What an much can be questioned or supported about this event...but none of can truly say what should have happened or should not have happened within that 8 minute period of time...we were not there.  I commend these people for making a decision that in the end...was a wise decision.  And for that...they should recognized.  Each day we have choices given to us to make often do we make the decision that is just or correct.  In my life I have seen myself make so many choices on both sides of the that distinct moment...would I have made a RIGHT decision.  I dont know....I hope I would make the right choice...but I can't honestly say that I would have.  

Tonight...the eve before Barack Obama becomes President of our country - THE USA.  I had the pleasure of seeing the movie MILK with my fabulous rommate BROOKE (seen in picture above).  wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!  That is really all that I can say at this WOW.  A movie...or better experience that I am forever grateful for experiencing.  This was a movie that I both laughed and cried at...and then within the same moment I questioned myself and my worth.  Would Harvey able to stand up for something I so strongly believed in...and take a step forward in hopes to bring a more peaceful world for all.  The freedom to love...the freedom to laugh...the freedom to be.  Am I worthy of all that?   If you haven't seen the movie...please...please...take the time to watch the marvelous Sean Penn take on a character that he does so superbly...and go with an open heart to simply just understand.  Wow...Sean Penn...Thank you for taking me on a ride...of which I am still in awe.  Thank you.

So there you have it...The flight...the movie...and me....:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick - US AIRWAY Crash in Hudson river - New York City

I am sick...yeah...totally down and out...coughing and sniffling like sucks...but eh, it happens each year just about the same time.  

Earlier today around 3:00pm  there was an airplane - US Airway - that went down into the Hudson River just outside my apartment (ok maybe down the street a bit).  I was told..since I didn't see it myself...that the left wing of the airplane went right over the apartments next to pretty crazy.  I was sleeping away my until my mother...who works for SkyWest Airlines...text me about the experience, I had absolutely NO idea that any such incident had happened.  Crazy, I know.  Honestly, I could have never turned on the TV and if I didnt receive information from my mother...who lives in St. George, Utah...I may never have known.  

This city(New York City) is crazy like that...there is so much diversity...and so much different within a four block can live within this city...and never know what is happening without the news.    Its both the thing makes this city great...and makes this city a little scary.  Some people live a life...alone...and know one ever fins out...or realizes there unhappiness...until they are already gone.  

I have to give a shout out to my roomie - Brooke - who made dinner for me cute!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow...I have so many things going through my head right now...if you could walk around in my head and may get a I have now.

China may be my new residence as of February hasn't been confirmed yet...but the thought of moving to China and teaching pretty exciting.  I love to teach dance...I love expressing myself through dance.  And to teach students something that I already love...excites me.  It is one of my greatest hopes and desires in leave this earth by giving something of myself.  To teach and to impress the importance of understanding our body...and the way that it moves.  

Would taking this job in China be a smart choice right now in my career here in NYC?  Would getting break me of so many patterns that I have gotten myself into..both bad and good?

What are your thoughts...should I take the job? Getting your input would be wonderful.

There will be more on this subject as I get more information myself.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Life is - A LEO - "Doubt" and Eli what we make of truly is...I can either sit on my butt and do nothing each and every day of my life  (which I do not do).  Or I can head out to the world and try to make a difference.  It is 2009...and as such I am going to head out into the world...and make a difference of good.  

I am a LEO...I am a LEO through and through.  So much of what you hear about Leo's ... I fit to a T. The center of attention of thing... oy...sadly is a part of my life...not that I need that attention ... but I dont mind it.  lol.  I try my hardest to be made aware of it...and to make sure that the attention is spread eveningly amongst those who deserve it.  

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the movie "Doubt"  with a dear friend of mine...Eli.  Eli and I have a friendship which extends beyond normal friends you could say.  I have a feeling that Eli will be a part of my life no matter the time or the place.  He is truly a friend whom I consider very close to my heart...and someone whom I love and respect as a friend.  If you haven't seen the magnificent Meryl Streep in must take the time to watch her brilliance.   I couldn't say enough...afterwards...we ran (because it was cold)  through find a place to sit down and talk about what we had just seen. is good...I am happy...Thank god for 2009.  :)