Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still Sick - Miracle on the Hudson - MILK (movie) -

So I am still sick...ugh....sick of being sick...and lounging around my apartment.   It sort of sucks...because I can feel my thighs getting bigger...hahaha..kidding.  I actually feel like I am losing weight to be honest and not so sure how I feel about that. 

So I just recently got a video and audio recorder....a friend ended up giving me theres....and because they didnt know how to use theirs...I got it.  YIPPEE...So now I have it set up in my begin recording random blogs...yeah I said it...random blogs that I can just talk into...and hopefully have video blogs rather than written blogs.   I think it would be fun every once in a while to have a real person - aka: you the run down of events and things that have been right?

So the Miracle on the Hudson...aka:  Outside my door.  It has done a lot for our community and our pride as New Yorkers.  What an much can be questioned or supported about this event...but none of can truly say what should have happened or should not have happened within that 8 minute period of time...we were not there.  I commend these people for making a decision that in the end...was a wise decision.  And for that...they should recognized.  Each day we have choices given to us to make often do we make the decision that is just or correct.  In my life I have seen myself make so many choices on both sides of the that distinct moment...would I have made a RIGHT decision.  I dont know....I hope I would make the right choice...but I can't honestly say that I would have.  

Tonight...the eve before Barack Obama becomes President of our country - THE USA.  I had the pleasure of seeing the movie MILK with my fabulous rommate BROOKE (seen in picture above).  wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!  That is really all that I can say at this WOW.  A movie...or better experience that I am forever grateful for experiencing.  This was a movie that I both laughed and cried at...and then within the same moment I questioned myself and my worth.  Would Harvey able to stand up for something I so strongly believed in...and take a step forward in hopes to bring a more peaceful world for all.  The freedom to love...the freedom to laugh...the freedom to be.  Am I worthy of all that?   If you haven't seen the movie...please...please...take the time to watch the marvelous Sean Penn take on a character that he does so superbly...and go with an open heart to simply just understand.  Wow...Sean Penn...Thank you for taking me on a ride...of which I am still in awe.  Thank you.

So there you have it...The flight...the movie...and me....:)


Aleisha said...

I would love seeing some video blogging from you!! I guess I better get to the movies too huh???`

Anonymous said...

i really like the MIlk movie . i watch milk movie last week . Its a interesting movie....