Friday, January 2, 2009

Life is - A LEO - "Doubt" and Eli what we make of truly is...I can either sit on my butt and do nothing each and every day of my life  (which I do not do).  Or I can head out to the world and try to make a difference.  It is 2009...and as such I am going to head out into the world...and make a difference of good.  

I am a LEO...I am a LEO through and through.  So much of what you hear about Leo's ... I fit to a T. The center of attention of thing... oy...sadly is a part of my life...not that I need that attention ... but I dont mind it.  lol.  I try my hardest to be made aware of it...and to make sure that the attention is spread eveningly amongst those who deserve it.  

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the movie "Doubt"  with a dear friend of mine...Eli.  Eli and I have a friendship which extends beyond normal friends you could say.  I have a feeling that Eli will be a part of my life no matter the time or the place.  He is truly a friend whom I consider very close to my heart...and someone whom I love and respect as a friend.  If you haven't seen the magnificent Meryl Streep in must take the time to watch her brilliance.   I couldn't say enough...afterwards...we ran (because it was cold)  through find a place to sit down and talk about what we had just seen. is good...I am happy...Thank god for 2009.  :)  

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nyn said...

I can't wait to see this. Have you seen Benjamin Button? What did you think?