Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering 2008 - Moving Forward in 2009

Happy New Years Everyone (from NEW YORK CITY)....

Over this past year...2008...I have had the time to ponder quite a bit.  To ponder things like why me?  Why now?  And for some odd reason I also questioned things such as How could I?  This is so not me?  All of these items participating in what I would have to say was one of the most enlighting years of my life.  Never have I felt so less of myself and so humbled by life experiences than I did over this past year.  If there is a year that I could choose to forget....I hate to say it....but it would have to be 2008.  Mainly because I found myself in such a destroying relationship...and because of this relationship I found myself in scenerio's that I have never found myself in before.  There were many beautiful things about 2008...such as my call-backs for Jersey Boys and Spamalot (thank you Tara Rubin Casting) vacation with my family in brother Ryan's and Sister in Law's Mandy's  visit in mothers visit in October...and the wonderful holidays spent with my New York City family...the Gilmores.   Besides, 2008 was I said...I would rather forget the bad of 2008...and move onto what the potential of 2009 has to offer.

My New Year celebration was spent with my Bestest Friend in the whole wide world....SARAH BYRNE...and let me tell you doesnt matter how long I haven't seen that amazing women....we always have a great time.  We joined the Gilmores(also some of my amazingfriends) up in Harlem (neighbors of mine of course) and shared in the festivities with them.  I love Mormon holidays....their is such an innocence to the way that Mormon's get down and dirty on New Years.   I love every moment of it.

(A year ago...I didnt h ave the pleasure of celebrating my new years....I spent it arguing/frustrated with some *%&%*($(%*(^%&%*  of a person...oddly I don't remember this persons name...or rather I try not to remember their name....Thank GOD a year has passed...and that I was able to celebrate in great company the new year...perhaps there is something to be said about how the luck of your year begins on the the New Years Eve...last year mine did the following year.  This years NEW YEARS EVE rocked....hmm...I can only guess what my new year has to offer...hahaha.  (Knock on wood)).

I love my family...I love my friends....I love my amazing roomies  (I mean that you two seriously make me laugh/cry..and make me happy)...I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life...who reach out in an effort to help and build me up...I hope in some way I am able to return that favor.  Thank you!  

2009....It is our time to SHINE!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Here's to a GREAT NEW YEAR Rance...I honestly hope that it is how you predicted...Great! Because you had a great new years celebration!

Love Ya!

nyn said...

Happy New Year to You too RANCE!! Love you xoxo

Aleisha said...

I am hoping for a great 2009 also. Please???? ha ha ha

Malea said...

Oh yeh, Mo' fun or no fun, y'all. We Mormons can get down and dirty. This year I think the Martinelli's was spiked with (shh) Mountain Dew.

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