Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NYC Christmas Potluck Dinner (is ready!) - Dinner with Jose - Merry Christmas from NYC

So I totally haven't even fallen asleep yet...I wonder why...I totally stayed in bed till like 2pm today...oy!  Not cool!  Eh, its the holidays...what can I say?  Right?  

So I just sent out my invites for the potluck dinner on Christmas day...and I am really excited about it (By the way if you haven't gotten an invite...just assume that you are welcome and ask me for details..and I will get them to you...and what you have to bring!) There will be a lot of friends and close personal friends that will be there and some I have never it should be a lot of fun.  I haven't yet got a YES from my roommate if he will be joining us...but I am sure he is well aware that he is more than welcome to join in on the festivities...I mean this is his place...and he is a lot of fun anyway.  (Steve...sorry to hear about the flight....that sucks...but hey...your here in the city...and that is cool for me..hahaha).

I cooked dinner this evening and had the wonderful suprise of my not to distant neighbor - Jose S.  joining me for the meal.  The Chicken was a little dry this time...but other than that the meal and the company...including the movie were quite a delight.  Again...there are friends...and then there are FRIENDS...Thank you Jose for being such a wonderful friend.

I have to get to next two days are filled with lots of work...and so I must get to I can go and work out tomorrow..and be ready for that funfilled excitement.  Yeah...I am working on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas...oh the joys of responsibility.

Everyone...if I dont get back to you...Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  xoxoxo.


Kimberly said...

Hope your Potluck dinner goes well, Wish I could be there... sounds fun... but think of me being there...
Im in Idaho with family in a huge snow storm....

Anyway... Have a great and safe Christmas Day !!!

Loves to you !!!

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