Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Restless - Santa Claus is Me - Christmas Brunch (dinner?)

Oh great...it is 2:45am in the morning and guess who is up...yes peeps...I have done it again...I find myself going to bed at 11pm, It gets all warm and nice in bed...and wouldn't you know it...I find myself wide awake around 230am.  lol.  This has to be some horrible joke that my body is playing on me...it really must be.  Aarrggghhh.

Perhaps it is also my brain running a thousand miles an hour...with all of the upcoming events and businesses that I am currently attaching myself to...(the problem with a brain that simply will not slow down...is you find yourself up at now 3:00am and trying to continue working on different projects and such.  I guess this could be one of the benefits of being somewhat alone during the holidays is I do have the enjoyment of getting a lot of stuff done....I guess.)  When these companies come through and are plentiful you will hear more about them in the blog...but until that time...I will be keeping them somewhat on the downlow as I need to have a little bit of privacy in the process.  All that one needs to know is that "The Wright Agency" will be a flourishing company in 2009...and gratefully to some amazing friends who have desired to lend a helping hand.  I just need to stay on top of this baby...so it doesnt lose steam over the next 6 months...for that will be the time that it makes its largest step forward.  Oh the joys of starting a company during this recession.

So this year I am finding that I will be Santa Claus to myself...yes it is true...Rance Wright is Santa Claus not only to himself...but potentially to some of his friends as well.  (They should be made aware...that if I am Santa...they aint getting much more than a 15 dollar gift for Christmas) 

So this brunch that is happening on Christmas day...will be happening a little bit later than I had originally hoped for...but that is because I will be working the morning of Christmas..yeah you heard right...I am working on Christmas morning.  I am helping some rich folk...enjoy their Christmas morning...oh the life!  lol.

I am heading to bed...Hope your evening of sleep has been more restful than mine.  Nighty Nite.


nyn said...

You will be an awesome Santa!! I did update my "other" blog. Sorry I haven't lately. I forget about it, I have been at vox for so long that I don't remember to post at blogger. Loves :)

brooke said...

Hello my lovely roomie,
Well, I am way down south now and guess what?...I miss you! With no school work in sight...I am finally reading your blog! And what is this business you are talking about?
My family is adorable and all have asked about you. You are dreamy :)
I miss you, I'll be home soon and then we should go out into the city on a proper nyc adventure. okay?
i love you!!!

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