Friday, December 5, 2008

"Shrek, The Musical" - Mike Davids and not getting paid - Looking forward

So I was sitting alone on my butt..doing nothing when my friend Rebecca Holt Gilmore called me and says - under her breath - "I have tickets for Shrek...wanna go with me".   I asked her why she was speaking under her breath...and then in the background I heard little Ruby (her daughter)  and just figured that her children probably wanted to see the show...soooo as not to make a scene...she was speaking so only I could hear her.  

I have my opinions on the show...if you care to know...ask me personally....Brian D'arcy James was without a doubt one of the better parts of the show.  Sutton Foster and He really make the show a success.   And his ability to become quite brilliant.  Congrats

Observing shows like this really makes me want to be a part of the creative teams on Broadway...that bug has always been such a major part of who I am.  One thing at a time....I keep telling thing at a time.  

I am in the process of looking for another job....working for Mike Davids of Special Productions has become somewhat of a joke....He owes me so much money right now....and is just simply ignoring my contact...or requests to be paid.  So I guess this friendship...and crap that I had to go through on his behalf meant nothing obviously...and that the many hours of work for him....was done for the pure pleasure of him gainging money?   I went through joke...working on a project for him in P.A.  and also a show that was suppose to happen in South Dakota - Aberdeen...and wouldnt you know that I still havent been paid for them.  What kind of person do you have to be...especially during the not pay your staff?  Its so inconsiderate...and hurtful.   He creates random companies...goes by different names...creates new emails...runs away from  people...and does this all because he feels that it is ok.    My belief is what goes around...comes around.    I am thinking of sitting with 15 other people...and talent outside his apartment until he comes out and speaks to us.    Yes....we are planning on camping outside his place. is difficult right far as doing the day to day things....mainly because of Mike not paying me.  When that is will be a little easier...and my focus on auditions and shows...will be easier.  

I look forward to a new spending time with my being single - I enjoy hanging around friends...friends who are supportive and caring....I love my Photography Train crew....miss them actually.  

I am having Breakfast with NYLE I better head to bed soon.


Aleisha said...

Sorry about your job. I know exactly how you feel. That has happened to us before. Good luck.

nyn said...

Now I need to call you so you can dish about Shrek... I want to know. Sorry about not getting paid either. People in business can be very weasley sometimes. Love you, hang in there.

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