Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craziness - Delicious Chicken

It is brain is going a thousand miles an hour..."Why?" you might ask. Well, I commit myself to so many things. Currently I am making sure that a show is going to go up in South Dakota...and I have an audition for Jersey Boys tomorrow...I am rehearsing my lines and songs tonight..and I am going to be coached in the morning tomorrow. Seriously people....I am about to go crazy. Plus immediately after the audition...I am possibly flying to South Dakota....HELP!!! Am I crazy...obviously!

Anyway, I have be I cooked some chicken....and it was quite delicious. My secret...Olive Oil. Who knew? Some have told me egg helps it....or a little stick of butter help it...but I will be honest...its the Virgin Olive Oil...that has my mouth watering.

I am about to head and do some laundry...lucky for me...I have less than a block to walk to do it...Isnt NYC great! Hahaha!

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Was just notified that I have an audition for JERSEY BOYS!

I am just about to head to Rebecca Holt's place... to prepare for my audition on Friday for Jersey Boys! Last time I was called in for this show was the first time I got an agent call for it and the phenomenal Merri Sugarman of Tara Rubin Casting stopped me and said..."You aren't Bob Gaudio, but you are definetely Bob Crewe." So there you have it...a year later...almost to the date...I am being called in for Bob Crewe. Its just simply an audition - however, it is great to be remembered and recognized by any casting director...especially one so influential in the business. Thank you Merri!

New Music - Exciting emotions - Dave in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" - Waiting for the final three of my family to visit.

It is Tuesday afternoon around 4:23pm...It is cold outside...and it is raining. I have been working on some new music for auditions...some old favorites...and some modern music. Its get new music and try and place it within your own voice. A difficult task...but once it is accomplished it is a very satisfying and worthwhile experience.

Growing up a dancer - trained by my mother...I found such exciting emotions as I expressed myself through dance. As I got to college and learned to sing - most especially at the Boston Conservatory...I found out that those same emotions could come to me through singing. Communication in whatever forms it finds itself is important. I love to sing...its fun for moves me...and sometimes if it is not done can completely bore me.

So this weekend I am suppose to go to Aberdeen, SD and play the role of Dave in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" - I haven't heard from the producer (M. Davids of Special Productions, inc./ Very Special Productions, inc.) as of unclear of what is going on. As a Leo (born in the beginning month of August) I find the need to have things clearly scheduled and planned in advanced. Working with this producer I have learned that most things are done last minute on his schedule. I feel bad because it puts a lot of people who would be extremely talented for the job - the lack of trust in the company to do it...but allows potentially less talented individuals who are not as well versed in music or in the art, yet have done an ok job at the shows (not superb), the opportunity in working. Alas, I am not the boss...I am simply the assistant to the producer.

I have lived in NYC for almost 2 1/2 years...and yet I have only had four members of my family here to visit me in NY. Not saying anything, but Rachelle, Krystal and Shane have not been to NYC to visit me...and I expect their visit soon. Just putting it out there! Love you guys! hahaha!

Anyway...I have been invited to a I have got to end my entry today a little shorter than I would like. Back at you later!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brookiemeister - Equity Dues - Chariot - Bloknthoughts - Friends - Golddigger in Sign Language

Hey world...I just spent a very relaxing and comical evening with my dear friend and roommate Brooke (aka: the brookiemeister). Yes, I have a female we dont share the same room - but we do live within the same boundries of an apartment. To some that can seem a little scary...but to us here in is everyday life. Brooke is one of the most endearing individuals - whom has a heart gold. We have had many a long stroll, conversation, meal and movie time together. I adore her....and lets be honest...who wouldn't.

I have finally taken care of Actor Equity Dues...and I am back in business...reading the Equity page...finding out auditions...and calling all of my friends and teachers in the business to get back to my normal routine...or the routine that I had become familiar with.

I love music..I do...and it is such a powerful tool my gives me joy and makes me extremely happy. I was just listening to Gavin Degraw's - is such a powerful song to me and moves me like no other song can. I have found myself on the a comfortable sweater, or jacket with a hood...listening to this song...and just moving with a huge smile on my face. If you want to be motivated to just move...listen to that song. It is a great motivator...and I think I am going to be adding it to my book of music for auditions. Watch out Broadway! lol.

If you have never been to my sister Rachelles's seriously should...the girl is dynamite on blog writing - simply stroll to my friends...and look her up...she sometimes has competitions which I believe everyone should be a part of. Plus she takes great pictures of the rest of my family...and I will be honest...they are pretty darn cute.

Now I have noticed that I am beginning to have friends of whom I have not spoken to in a long time find me on this blogging thing...and I just wanted to give a shout out to all of them - I love hearing from them and finding out what is going on in their keep the comments coming and keep the conversations growing. Speaking of friends...went to dinner with Eli last night...and it was wonderful to talk about the things that matter to us most - life - and our involvement in it..hahaha! Thank you Eli! must take a look at this is extremely powerful... mixing sign language with this song and I believe you will love it. Gold digger in sign language!!!

Anyway...let me know your thoughts to this..I would some day love to create a dance piece to this idea of Golddigger - Signlanguage format. What an amazing piece of art...right?

Rance :)

Waste of an entry

It is again early in the morning on Tuesday - about 12:56am when I am beginning to write this email.

I am now only on the second sentence and it is an hour later and I need to go to bed...hahaha...what a waste of an entry...I will get back to this later on in the day today!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friends Not Listening - Talking out of my.....

So I am sitting here talking to my friend Eli on the phone about a very important and dear situation in my life...and after I am done talking I hear him breathing heavy and I am like... Eli...are you there? Are you listening to me? And he jumps on and it was obvious that he was not listening....ya know, that is a little disturbing when you dont realize how long you have been talking and that it bores everyone around you. So I was a little bit distraught by the thought and jumped off the phone. Obviously as a Leo and a performer we do not like to be ignored...and/or not listened to. When will people ever!

I cant wait to get back out there and auditioning....I have been missing it...seriously missing the friends...the opportunity to get out there and perform. I have got my groove back baby...and I cant wait.

Now, I just need to get a job..hahaha!

Anyway, I am so wanting to find outlets for my desires and choreography...and creating...and performing...directing. These are all things that I love to do...and am pretty darn good at. Seeking for the good in others and helping other reach their excites me. I want to teach at a University....I want to create my own program...I want to help people realize their abilities and nurture them in the right fashion.

I have created some companies/events..."The Photography Train", "The Wright Agency", "Sunset Cruise For Change" (which is still in the works). And all because I needed some outlet to do so. I love creating things....(how many times have I said that...) - now I just need to move them forward and make them huge realities.

Wow, I am totally talking out of my arse right you can tell from my above is an english professors nightmare...and gave me a headache to read. hahaha... to is 1:43am in NYC and its a beautiful fall night. Friends...lets come back to this when my brain is working.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mom's Visit - Past 6 Months - Water - Getting Older is Scary!

Wow...that was a long exit. Perhaps when you are trying to figure things out about yourself - which lets be honest, it is a life process - it takes time.

I had the wonderful opportunity this last week to have my mom - Ann Wright - visit me in New York City. Her energy is so empowering as only a mothers energy can be. Because of her visit I feel somewhat renewed - and I am grateful for her taking time out of her busy schedule to come visit lil-ol-me.

For the past six months I really felt as if I was punched in the stomach and oddly enough I couldn't get my air back. Life over the past six months has been both extremely hard, but amazingly rewarding. I always feel that when I have the opportunity to learn more about myself, I am able to be a better me. Anyone who feels that they have hit the end of the learning curve (and we have all run into those kinds of people) , is hiding behind their own issues, problems and struggles. The value of change is without a doubt one of the most important things we can learn in life - and no this is not support for Obama change - I am speaking of life changes.

I am drinking a delicious Smart Water right now - it iis amazing how devine water is. It is also amazing how important water is to our way of life, energy and culture. Not that I really had much more than that to say about it...just thought I would mention that I am drinking a bottle at the moment.

Getting older is so scary...I hope that my dashing good looks stay with me forever. (lol) I mean, my family is blessed with youthfulness in their looks - so I hope that I keep that quality as well. aks: DRINK LOTS OF WATER...(a helpful not overboard amount).