Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brookiemeister - Equity Dues - Chariot - Bloknthoughts - Friends - Golddigger in Sign Language

Hey world...I just spent a very relaxing and comical evening with my dear friend and roommate Brooke (aka: the brookiemeister). Yes, I have a female we dont share the same room - but we do live within the same boundries of an apartment. To some that can seem a little scary...but to us here in is everyday life. Brooke is one of the most endearing individuals - whom has a heart gold. We have had many a long stroll, conversation, meal and movie time together. I adore her....and lets be honest...who wouldn't.

I have finally taken care of Actor Equity Dues...and I am back in business...reading the Equity page...finding out auditions...and calling all of my friends and teachers in the business to get back to my normal routine...or the routine that I had become familiar with.

I love music..I do...and it is such a powerful tool my gives me joy and makes me extremely happy. I was just listening to Gavin Degraw's - is such a powerful song to me and moves me like no other song can. I have found myself on the a comfortable sweater, or jacket with a hood...listening to this song...and just moving with a huge smile on my face. If you want to be motivated to just move...listen to that song. It is a great motivator...and I think I am going to be adding it to my book of music for auditions. Watch out Broadway! lol.

If you have never been to my sister Rachelles's seriously should...the girl is dynamite on blog writing - simply stroll to my friends...and look her up...she sometimes has competitions which I believe everyone should be a part of. Plus she takes great pictures of the rest of my family...and I will be honest...they are pretty darn cute.

Now I have noticed that I am beginning to have friends of whom I have not spoken to in a long time find me on this blogging thing...and I just wanted to give a shout out to all of them - I love hearing from them and finding out what is going on in their keep the comments coming and keep the conversations growing. Speaking of friends...went to dinner with Eli last night...and it was wonderful to talk about the things that matter to us most - life - and our involvement in it..hahaha! Thank you Eli! must take a look at this is extremely powerful... mixing sign language with this song and I believe you will love it. Gold digger in sign language!!!

Anyway...let me know your thoughts to this..I would some day love to create a dance piece to this idea of Golddigger - Signlanguage format. What an amazing piece of art...right?

Rance :)


Shelle-BlokThoughts said... don't get frustrated with people commenting at have to stick with the blog thing...go to other blogs and comment, especially on your favorite blogs, and it just starts being a roller coaster of fun!

Thanks for the shout out! LOVED IT!

Anyhow...I am SO glad my Rancie is back...especially trying out for those plays...your time is COMING I know it!

I love you tons Rance...remember that through all the talks and words among us...when you clear away all the crap...I LOVE YOU!!!



nyn said...

I am so glad that you have such a good friend for a room mate. She sounds like she rocks!! I really liked the video with the sign language. I would love to see a dance you did incorperating some of these elements. Good luck hitting the pavement. I know your dreams will come true!!!
Love you,

Nelson News said...

WOW, look at you livin the high life in NYC! Good for you. It's good to stop by and catch up with you for a minute! Check out our family and I'll keep an eye on you. Let me know when you hit the next big show and I will come out to see you dance!
Amber (Faulkner) Nelson