Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craziness - Delicious Chicken

It is brain is going a thousand miles an hour..."Why?" you might ask. Well, I commit myself to so many things. Currently I am making sure that a show is going to go up in South Dakota...and I have an audition for Jersey Boys tomorrow...I am rehearsing my lines and songs tonight..and I am going to be coached in the morning tomorrow. Seriously people....I am about to go crazy. Plus immediately after the audition...I am possibly flying to South Dakota....HELP!!! Am I crazy...obviously!

Anyway, I have be I cooked some chicken....and it was quite delicious. My secret...Olive Oil. Who knew? Some have told me egg helps it....or a little stick of butter help it...but I will be honest...its the Virgin Olive Oil...that has my mouth watering.

I am about to head and do some laundry...lucky for me...I have less than a block to walk to do it...Isnt NYC great! Hahaha!

Talk to you soon.


Aleisha said...

Cooking, laundry and busy life.... sounds like me (minus the flying and walking a block to do the laundry). ha ha ha I just saw your littlest sister at Sand Hollow Aquatics Center. I am so glad she introduced herself. I knew she looked familiar but I didn't know where. She was so nice.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

GOOD LUCK on your Audition! love you!

Nelson News said...

I'm dying to know... how did it go? When do you find out if you got it?? Those of us not in the "biz" need the info, my friend.

Janae said...

So I keep checking your blog to see how the audition went. Whats up.

AnnDee said...

You really need to just send that laundry out! Pick up and delivery right from the doorman -- THAT is what NYC is all about! :)

So, I saw a post on Aleisha's blog -- just thought I'd say hi! I appreciate all your comments on prop 8. It seems you are trying to eleviate some of that hatred that was so surrounding the vote. Oh, if we could all live in a Utopian Society. But, then again -- that would be quite boring. :)

I have a blog but it is private -- I'm happy to invite you to if if you are interested!

Nice catching up from your posts -- hope all the auditions are going well. I miss that city and the excitement/opportunity it has to offer. I'm sure you are a superstar there -- you are one talented guy (and always have been!)