Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Music - Exciting emotions - Dave in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" - Waiting for the final three of my family to visit.

It is Tuesday afternoon around 4:23pm...It is cold outside...and it is raining. I have been working on some new music for auditions...some old favorites...and some modern music. Its exciting...to get new music and try and place it within your own voice. A difficult task...but once it is accomplished it is a very satisfying and worthwhile experience.

Growing up a dancer - trained by my mother...I found such exciting emotions as I expressed myself through dance. As I got to college and learned to sing - most especially at the Boston Conservatory...I found out that those same emotions could come to me through singing. Communication in whatever forms it finds itself is important. I love to sing...its fun for me...it moves me...and sometimes if it is not done correctly..it can completely bore me.

So this weekend I am suppose to go to Aberdeen, SD and play the role of Dave in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" - I haven't heard from the producer (M. Davids of Special Productions, inc./ Very Special Productions, inc.) as of yet...so unclear of what is going on. As a Leo (born in the beginning month of August) I find the need to have things clearly scheduled and planned in advanced. Working with this producer I have learned that most things are done last minute on his schedule. I feel bad because it puts a lot of people who would be extremely talented for the job - the lack of trust in the company to do it...but allows potentially less talented individuals who are not as well versed in music or in the art, yet have done an ok job at the shows (not superb), the opportunity in working. Alas, I am not the boss...I am simply the assistant to the producer.

I have lived in NYC for almost 2 1/2 years...and yet I have only had four members of my family here to visit me in NY. Not saying anything, but Rachelle, Krystal and Shane have not been to NYC to visit me...and I expect their visit soon. Just putting it out there! Love you guys! hahaha!

Anyway...I have been invited to a dinner...so I have got to end my entry today a little shorter than I would like. Back at you later!


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I totally need to come out an visit! I miss ya brother!!! Love ya!