Monday, December 22, 2008

Tom...the warrior - Christmas Brunch

So it is Monday morning...2:53am...I am sitting here with a dear friend - Tom - we just had an evening of fun and enjoyment...laughing, crying...and well more laughing. I really do not want to be alone during the holiday Tom has offered a listening ear and a body of protection against....what else....the darn mice that seem to infest my life wherever I may be. (Yes, I have a scary ability to catch those darn buggers in the most oddest of places). So, Tom, the brave person that he offering himself as a warrior against these buggers that dare to harm me....arrrggghhh! lol. Tom, like myself, is in the Theater arts and finds that his only fear in life is not winning the Tony by 2014....I seriously thought that was my year but will allow him this glory if he takes care of those darn villians...aka: the mice. ps: Tom is an amazing case anyone was wondering.

Over the past couple of days I have really tried my hardest to reach out to friends...friends that perhaps over the past while may find themselves in not the greatest of places. Let us be honest...we all have been there...and often I find it as a reacurring theme in my life. And regardless of whether I have the funds or not to help someone else it is a part of me to make sure that they are happy. So my plan during this holiday season is to have a Christmas Brunch to celebrate the Christmas holidays...a pot luck of sorts with friends who may be without...or may not even so much as have the ability to cook at their own place. If there is one thing that I can offer to is food...I may not have much more in life...but I can offer that. Yippee for food... (ps: If you have any great Christmas brunch meals...please email them to subject: Christmas brunch.)

So I took a tylenol pm about an hour ago...not really an hour...but it is close enough...and anything that would have been interesting at that time...clearly has exited my brain. Oy...I am tired...and drowssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

So off to sleep what more of the night I have available to me...tomorrow I have a busy day planned...a lot of good. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far.


Aleisha said...

What a nice guy you are!!! I hope you have a great holiday. It is nice to share it with someone. Be sure to tell us all about it. And get pics too. ha ha ha

Marilee said...

Glad to know that the mice have a formidable foe! My husband takes pity on the mice and lets them go.....who does that? Have a merry Christmas! Your brunch will be amazing! You can never go wrong with food.

nyn said...

I think brunch sounds wonderful. I am sad I won't be able to make it :) xoxo

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