Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas in NYC? - Jose - Thanks!!!

So it is 1:33am in the morning...I am sitting here in NYC while the tempature is well below freezing. I feel the coldness oddly enough because the cold is finding its way into my room and on my sheets...and in my bed....brrrr...its freezing people....and I hate the cold.  Luckily my bed has the fabric that warms up during the winter and cooler during the summer.  I sort of lucked out with my bed...I will be honest!  hahaha!  Its pretty amazing!  I am an amazing guy...with an amazing bed...I have amazing roommates....I have a career I love.  What more could I ask for? Christmas in NYC perhaps?  HAHAHA...no...sadly...that option vanished when I suggested it to my mother this afternoon.   She said it would be to difficult for my sister (Rachelle) and her husband to bring all of the kids gifts and I guess I can see that.

Seriously though...how cool would it be to be in NYC on Christmas.  It is totally a time of giving...and enjoyment...You have the city that expresses Christmas to its fullest...and your in one of the most amazing and powerful cities in the world.  Christmas and New Years in NYC is nothing to bark at...it just is that wonderful.  And how much cooler would that be to spend it with my family...whom I love.  I will instead be spending it at home in St. George, Utah where I have spent a majority of my Christmas's growing up.  I love it there...I love my family...so I guess as long as I am with them..it should be amazing.

*But it would be kind of amazing to be in NYC on Christmas*

Anyway, I went for dessert with this amazing friend of mine - Jose.  And we talked about a lot of crazy things...the most important thing to know about all of this...is that we were completely happy to just be sittin and chattin each others face off.  Its those friends who care about you...that come out of the woodwork to help make a difference in your life...and Jose did that for me today.  Thanks Jose.

This weekend was also pretty spectacular...and again I have to thank my friends for reaching out a helping hand.  I do not take for granted the kindness that is continually offered and shared with me.  I am forever grateful for the generosity and love of others...and hope that I am able to return that favor.  Randy, Rory, Steven, Brooke, John and Tom all were such amazing friends this weekend - Thank you.  

A special thanks to Brian D'Arcy James and his wife Jen who were such great sports in offering Rebecca Holt Gilmore and myself tickets to see his show on Broadway.  "Shrek, the Musical", if you haven't taken the time to see Brian...I suggest you all save your pennies...and watch the brilliance that is Brian D'Arcy James.  

I have given a lot of thanks to others today...but I really am in that place right now.  I am happy...so in my happiness I desire to give of what I can give right now...that is my heart.  I am at peace...and peace is what I truly want from life.  With so much around us that is unstable...finding peace with ourselves is really something that I treasure.  Thank god for peace...Thank god for friends...Thank god for family...Thank god for life.  

Talk at ya laterz!