Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shrek review...finally! - Working with Evan Haile on Music - NYC Love...a joke?

Wow...I am really suprised sometimes who views my blog...I mean I like to think that people really do care what I have to say in life...but sometimes the sad reality is...its just me that observes this blog on a continous basis...or I like to think so. UGH...I really should have a censor on my writing...right?  lol.  

So I had a dear friend this morning (I am keeping names and people anonymous...for the pure fact that I should) who told me that my blog yesterday was a bit aggressive and that I should tame it down in regards to Shrek, The Musical.  And then I was like...hmmm...this person is correct...but as I was observing many of the other blogs and reviews that were already given out about the show...I didn't really see anything that I had previously written (mind you I edited my words from say what it currently says) as harmful to those in the cast or different informatively then anything that was said before my review of the show.  

So I have decided to write my feelings...but I do so with caution...also with the hopes that some of these faults/hopeful corrections can be looked at before the official opening of the show.   Mainly really does have such great potential to be a long running show...which could potentially give me work during its run.   sidenote:  What I referenced in yesterdays really true...the leads of this show..and the cast in general is corrections come with the technical and some of the staging of the show.

1.  The Dragon - I dont understand why the 3 ladies are in front of the dragon while the dragon is doesn't make any since...and we as an audience...lose the dragon as a sort of destroys the purpose of the DRAGON.   Also...if I remember right there was a little more interaction between the Dragon and Shrek in the movie - all I remember seeing was a tail-less Dragon running around the stage...and Shrek, Donkey and the Princess running away..and never really truly confronting the Dragon.  (I am sure this has been a huge issue through the rehearsal proces and I am not assuming that I know the answer to this all...but seriously if it is not cleaned up somehow...that scene will be a major joke at the opening and commented about throughout the reviews here in NYC).  Some things that could help with the tail of the maybe attatching it to the head... and different choreography there...because as an audience..your not sure if the tail is part of the place where the princess is being held..or if it is the Dragon...just a thought.

2. In the story of the musical arent we missing a storyline...the prince and his mother the fairy godmother?  I know it is already a long show...but I was like...hmmm....that part of the show...which in the a major part of the 2nd and 3rd totally left out in the musical!?!?!  Obviously it is now to late to write those characters in...but if I noticed it...I am sure my little nieces and nephews are going to notice it as well.  

That is really all I remember at this moment...and will definetely be the last that I openly write about it...but I want to say again...I laughed my face off at it is obviously an enjoyment to see the show live.  Hopefully a couple of these things are looked at and corrected before the official opening of "Shrek, The Musical" on Broadway happens.

I had the wonderful pleasure today to spend time with Evan Haile's...a dear friend of mine.  I had the pleasure of running through some of my music that I am familiar with and trying to find my voice again.  It was great to work with someone who is so direct with me...and believe me...I need direct...I need someone who is my friend...but not affraid to throw things in my face when it obviously is not working for a song or needs to be corrected.  A lot of things I knew...but that is the beauty of working with someone like he reminds you of your talents...and what you should be doing.  I look forward to getting back with James Javore as well...because while working with Evan I realized how much my Legit voice was not was a little shocking to me.  I can do rock and pop in my sleep...but to sing "If I LOVED YOU" with legato...I was physically commenting during my song...and that just hasn't happened in a long time.  Lessons with James will place me back in my voice....I cannot wait.

Now onto another subject...and please feel free to comment on this...Why in NYC is love so dispossable...seriously...I get frustrated at how replaceable I am (yeah sure...some will say I am irreplaceable...which I love hearing...but its not the truth sadly)  I get asked out...and go out all the time...with friends and potential dates...but I am coming to realize...that perhaps single is the right thing for me in my life right now.  Its amazing how much a relationship throws me off of my game or my center (as a dancer would say)...and how I lose track for a short while of my goal at hand.  Perhaps I should work on my career...stay single...and then when I am more settled in my career...pursue a relationship if life affords me one at that time.  Eh, it just a thought..but oddly enough I think about it a lot.  My last relationship was such a mess for me...and somewhat destroyed a lot of what I believed in love (wow...Madonna's song just came into my head...eeek! Anyway)...single is the way for me. career...and religion...are my relationships for now...and I am ok with that.

Again..I am up way to late in the morning...I need to go to bed....yikes...I have a gig tomorrow at 330pm...I have got to get to bed!  Nite at ya later!


Kimberly said...

Just remember this... Family and TRUE friends and there LOVE for you will NEVER go away..!!!! and thats the Most Important kind of LOVE you want anyway :)


Malea said...

PS. They say that if you live like love and success are already yours, both will fit easily into your life when the time comes. Easier said, then done, I know. But true's true. Say hi to your mom and little sis for me.

Malea said...

pps, it's totally late, and my backspace key doesn't work:) Here's the Mary Tyler Moore show theme on youtube, for fun.

Malea said...

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