Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick - US AIRWAY Crash in Hudson river - New York City

I am sick...yeah...totally down and out...coughing and sniffling like sucks...but eh, it happens each year just about the same time.  

Earlier today around 3:00pm  there was an airplane - US Airway - that went down into the Hudson River just outside my apartment (ok maybe down the street a bit).  I was told..since I didn't see it myself...that the left wing of the airplane went right over the apartments next to pretty crazy.  I was sleeping away my until my mother...who works for SkyWest Airlines...text me about the experience, I had absolutely NO idea that any such incident had happened.  Crazy, I know.  Honestly, I could have never turned on the TV and if I didnt receive information from my mother...who lives in St. George, Utah...I may never have known.  

This city(New York City) is crazy like that...there is so much diversity...and so much different within a four block can live within this city...and never know what is happening without the news.    Its both the thing makes this city great...and makes this city a little scary.  Some people live a life...alone...and know one ever fins out...or realizes there unhappiness...until they are already gone.  

I have to give a shout out to my roomie - Brooke - who made dinner for me cute!


Aleisha said...

I can't believe it was that close to you!! Oh my goodness. That would be scary if you would have seen it.

Janae said...

So did you go and check it out. And when are you coming to St. George.

the Alton clan said...

That's crazy! When I visited NYC it totally seemed like so much was going on everywhere that it would be easy to slip away into oblivion if you wanted to, or be super involved if you wanted to. Interesting place. I hope you start to feel better!

The Dennis Wright Family said...

I am glad that I texted you about the accident! I hope that you are feeling better and can try out for your audition! Love you lots!