Friday, March 26, 2010

Its scary out there I tell ya!

I am my own barrier...yes, you heard me say it...I am my own barrier. I am giving myself excuses as to why I am not performing or at that...auditioning. IYIYIYIY!!!

Can I be honest year ago I began my an effort to have a day job. Non of these were ever meant to replace my passion and personal goals in my life...which is to perform on stage. Have I created a business now that states who I am as a person or am I stronger than that and can I fight against the obvious thing standing in front of my own fear.

I have been so blessed in this New York community...I have been accepted by many if not most casting directors to be whom I am...and celebrate that. I have had the pleasure of auditioning for roles that scream my name - Broadway shows - that truly celebrate ME. Why am I so scared now...after taking two years away from the audition get back in the fight..yikes, that scares me?

I am vocally in the best place I have been in years...and truly feel that I get how to audition..more now than I ever have before. I guess, perhaps, I am somewhat afraid now that perhaps I am to good of friends with those who make the decisions...and don't want to make a possible fool of myself....not that I would...its just the fear I guess I have. (There I said it) Now, just get out and do it.

I am going to commit myself to get back into Ballet...yeah...that is right...I am finding my roots again in dance...and hitting the bar (lets hope I don't actually hit the bar!) lol! I have never left voice training and am so grateful for that (THANK YOU JAMES AND ROXANN).

Wish me luck or break a leg on this endeavor to getting back into the audition scene...its scary out there I tell ya! :)



Danielle said...

You're awesome, just do it!! Everyone has to have that fear, that's the adrenaline rush! Its good! Let it drive you, use that to motivate you! GO GO GO!!!! YAY RANCE!

Anonymous said...

thanks Danielle!!!

nyn said...

Rance, you are amazing and I know you will be great at what ever you do. Go for it!!

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