Monday, March 8, 2010

Beginning April 5th - Booster Shot of 2010 (PART 2) - Broadway Casting Directors and Agents!!!

Booster Shot of 2010 (Part 2)

APRIL 5-14, 2010

Casting Directors:
1. Nikole Vallins of Binder Casting
2. Merri Sugarmen of Tara Rubin Casting
3. Paul Hardt of Stuart Howard Casting
4. Jen Rudin

1. Jamie Harris of CTG
2. TBA

This class will include a one night workshop with Rance Wright (April 5th) the creator and producer of Wright Way Master Classes prior to your working with the Broadway Casting Directors and Agents. A true blend of learning, guidance, directness and change. Then present and work with some of the most influential Casting Directors currently. One Agent still to be announced.

Cost: ($400.00 for Equity, $450.00 for Non-Equity) - Those students who have previously participated in class will get old price for this class.

See you in Class!!!