Friday, February 20, 2009

Krystal...argghh! - Life is great - Working Hard

So I recently found out the my youngest sister(Krystal)...and her hubby came all the way out to New York State...and didnt even care to let me know that they had decided to go with a different plan and not come to NYC...or even better yet...didnt even try to make plans to have me come up and visit with them.  I mean I haven't seen them since I was in Hawaii...which was before my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or the New Years...but I guess it doesnt matter much to them.  Just Saying.  Its Cool.  You win some and you lose some.  I mean....if I was that close to my siblings...I would take the effort to reach out to them and let them way or the other...and not have them sitting on edge wondering what is going on. is really great right now...I have wonderful roommates...wonderful friends...wonderful new interests...and wqkrafdaz0g9ydat42q6thyqataw  (wouldn't you like to know what that said...hahaha).  Anyway...I am loving life...and life is loving me.  

I am working so hard right now...setting up my business in 5 major cities across the country.  I am also working on Master Classes with some of the most amazing people in the performing business.  Casting Agents, Agents, Broadway Choreographers, etc.  Its all really exciting I must say.  And it is wonderful that it is all coming together the way that I need it to come together. Pretty soon I will need an assistant...And I am not sure I am ready for an assistant..hahaha!  So I must slave all the work by myself.

I wish to be closer to my family...I love them...It is difficult that I have had to already miss out on some of the most important holidays of the year and births as well.  I will try and not do that again.  


MattyJack said...

hire me as your assistant!!!!



Okay Rance I am so sorry, I kept meaning to call you before we left, to tell you we had switched plans, but it was honestly all last second we didn't decided what we were doing until wednedsay and we were on a plane Thursday morning. I went to call you when we were in the airport at SLC, but I had left my phone on accident in our car and Derek had your wrong number, I should have called mom to get yours, but everything was so fast and I just forgot about it. I didn't think you would be able to make the long drive to upstate New York, we really did want to see you I swear. I am so sorry and will honestly one day make it up to you!

Betsy Fowler said...

You can have your own Kramer. You can call your business Kramerica Industries.... Well.. you do live in NYC,I'm just sayin :)