Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Songs Sung By Rance Wright

If you are missing some of the soft sounds of Rance Wright...hahaha...then here is some music I recorded before Graduating from the Boston Conservatory with my Masters in Musical Theatre with a Dance Choreography Emphasis

1. I Know I Chose Right


2. Road You Didn't Take




Kimberly said...

WOW brings back memories of being in the the Anex Reh with Ian, starbucks runs and the studio...!!! Fun times
LOVES !!!!

nyn said...

I loved listening to these. You sound wonderful! as always :)

Rachel Doyle said...

WOW -- Why didn't I have you sing at my wedding -- I knew you could sing -- but wow you really can sing!

Aleisha said...

Beautiful!!! I wish I could sing with you again.

jmm43 said...

Hi Rance,

Sorry I didn't identify myself, this is Marshall. Long time no see, huh? I always wished I was as talented as you, but now listening to you sing, I am blown away. Incredible.

Sarah said...

I love these!