Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dealing with people who dont know you - Running Businesses...its a life.

So it is 3:51am on a Wednesday morning...and I am not sleepy.  Let me explain.  

One...I am a very direct person in general.  I say it how it is...and not often with any sort of sensor. I will be honest...I kind of like that about myself...that I can be honest, direct and have absolutely no tact in the process....hahaha - kidding of course.  While expressing with an individual - a potential male headshot photographer from Utah that I have been looking at recently to bring on board a company of mine - I expressed to him my overall headache and frustration with dealing with people who try to steal an idea or creative nature...and I potentially threw out the phrase "liable in a court of law". They expressed in return to me that I was trying to threaten them.  

I sat there for a moment...laughed...perhaps giggled a little...then was taken a back...and thought - REALLY?!?  Does this person know me at all.  (And the answer to that is OBVIOUSLY NOT!).   I have worked my hardest and paid out of my (*!&%&$*) to have this company and idea patented and pay lawyers to watch over the company and make sure NO one is trying to steal my idea (I mean the country is in a bad place...but that doesnt mean we have to be untalented and uncreative artists and steal someone elses ideas or talents).  And since I don't really trust the world from not stealing my idea...I backed myself up.  MUAH-HA-HA-HA!

Anyway...I patiently replied...and with a little sensor this time..and expressed myself in a very real and yet caring terms...I simply expressed that I will not be taken for a fool.  You can never take class...never have really any experience...pick up a camera and start taking pictures...and assume that you know what you are talking about (I mean most of us assume anyway). However, take me as a will not.

That being said...I do hope that I have the opportunity to work at somepoint with this person and am able to bring him on board...and that things do clear up between us.  I think it is for the betterment of everyone really.  

Needed to get that off my chest.  Felt it important.

Two...I am currently casting two shows - just finished one.  Running my company - "The Photography Train".  Am working on Master Classes for Artists in the NYC area called "The Wright Way Master Classes" (which by the way if you are an artists and are on facebook you can look at up under Groups and become a member).  And just recently applied to work for IBM for 3 months.  You could say I am a little busy.  My agent and all my casting agent friends whom I have spoken to...just laughed and Rance...he has a plan, he usually does! 

Anyway...I will be all across the country in March...wish me luck!  :)


nyn said...

Good Luck Rance. I know you will do fabulously!! When you are across the country will you be out my way? Love ya.

Malea said...

Again, I take my (Mary Tyler Moore) beret off to you! So what does your company do?