Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I just love crazy people.  I mean...perhaps I shouldn't reference crazy...but, wow, that is all that is coming to my head at the moment - CRAZY PEOPLE.

So I had a rehearsal today in Harlem - it lasted way to long and clearly was not organized and had to reference of time.  I was reacting no different than most in that room, other than the fact that my voice is clearly the loudest and most prominent - I got that beautiful talent from my mother (love you mom).  Someone who doesn't really pursue this career (Musical Theatre) tries to tell all of us in a (I am more religious than you) sort of tone that we should focus because we are wasting time.  WHAT!?!   Are you kidding me!!!  HAHAHA!  Did I hear what I just thought I heard...YES I DID!  Some people really have the nerve....seriously.....pre-assume that any of us are to blame.  I rolled my eyes - and just about flipped a lid (if you couldn't tell my lid sometimes can be a little short).  The worst part of all this - is about 45 minutes later she snapped at me during the choreography - which then pissed me off.  So a couple of things that went wrong 1. There were to many chiefs in the rehearsal.  2.  You have performers that have no idea what they are doing trying to tell you stupid out of place comments.  3. The rehearsal in the end was a waste of time and could have been managed better.  4. There is no through line for the whole showcase.  5. We have a bunch of UTAH MORMONS - referencing a word that should sound like "hour - without the h", like "R"....it just sounds immature and completely unprofessional.  OY!  We will never get any better if we do not pay attention to the most important details of diction and vowels and acting and character development - but I guess we arent trying to succeed in that area - now are we.

I just had to get that off my chest - because clearly I am so beside myself with this situation - I was going to invite some important influential people to this event...but am now completely second guessing this idea - SERIOUSLY!

Anyway...hope everyone is having fun.  WEBSITES of my companies are coming soon!  CANT WAIT!

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Jamie K said...

Oh Rance! I adore you! And, I have to admit that I was goofing off too. Tee hee hee! ;)