Monday, May 25, 2009

Life is truly exhausting, JUST BREATHE

Wow, I sometimes forget how relaxing an awe inspiring it is to take a little time for myself and just breathe.  

That is the one thing I have come to realize about me - is that I dont offer myself much breathing time.  I love to just watch the water rise in a tub...or view the sun move over the sky...or listen to the water in the hudson (the dirty hudson) flow by.  You sort of don't realize the simple relaxation of the city of New York - because this city is always moving.   Its an island and water is continually flowing around it and people are continually flowing within it.  So much activity for such a small small part of our country and more importantly of our world.  This little concrete jungle has so much history within a mile radius - it is truly astounding.

I love it here - it exhausts me - believe me - I get exhausted.  But to be honest - I would wish it no other way.  I am happy when I am exhausted - I am happy when I am continually flowing.  I love it.

ps: things are around the corner for me - "just you wait HENRY HIGGINS "!  :)  Keep tuned in!

Rance  :)


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

YEA!!! I love that song also Rancie!!!

I love you and glad everything is going good!

P.s. still NO freaking Resume.

Sorry we and by we I mean HE sucks!

But I love him!

Love ya

The Dennis Wright Family said...

All I ask from life is that I KEEP breathing! Ha! Ha! How are you doing? Mom loves you! Have a great day!!!