Friday, May 29, 2009

Being Blessed In NYC on 9th/14th Ave.

I am sitting at Starbucks on 9th and 14th and I ask myself - when did life get so good?  hmmm.  

I am blessed in so many ways - an amazing relationship - amazing friends - an amazing job - amazing opportunities - great new business opportunities.  For all of this I am grateful to those above the sky.  My appreciation of life and the things that I have been given are without a doubt constantly shown through my smile that I freely give to those around me.  My goal in life is to offer and help those who are around me - by opening up opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them.   I have always believed that about myself - and am forever grateful that now I can begin to do that.

Michael - thank you for everything - the job opportunities and the continuous closeness.

Dad and Mom - for never letting go of your continued love and support even and most importantly when it is difficult or hard to understand me.

My Family - well you know who you are.

My Friends - Call me already.

Talk back at you soon - Gotta get to work.


Jason and Girls said...

Hey Rance,

Whether you choose to believe this or not?? You are an inspiration to me. You always have been. The drive and determination you have to succeed and be successful, is unreal!!! I take one look at Rance and all that he has accomplished and is doing. It truly inspires me to go all out, and try to achieve the same amount of success. Thanks Rance, you are truly an inspiration.

Jason Webb
(AKA: Elder Webb)

Rance Wright said...

Jason, That was the most amazing and brilliant thing you could have ever said - Thank you! How are you - email me


So I really like the new picture on top you look HOT!!! Love you!

Aleisha said...

Hey Rance!!
So glad to hear how good things are going for you! Yeah!

Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

I am so Proud of You and So Happy your life is so Great!
You look Great! I You are amazing but I have always thought that!
I would love to talk some time
Lauralyn Conley