Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Professionalism and learning how to communicate correctly on the job. (A bad example)

This post may be rated R!!! BEWARE!!!!

During a pleasant 5 1/2 hour photoshoot I was at...I received a phone call from an individual whom I hired to do a job in UTAH for me - a new artists whom I have never worked with before that was referred to me by a friend. Jane Doe (to keep her name out of this) was my hair/make-up artist for the photoshoot. Jane begins the conversation by saying that she was done with the job and it went well...(so I am thinking to myself - great!!!)...then all of a sudden she decides to speak to me in a tone that is negative and belittling (as if I only own one company - and this was my first time producing this sort of event - REALLY?) and starts to exaggerate what went on ...now mind you - I am totally fine with someone speaking negative about me or trying to help me correct something about my company... but what happens next is beside me...Jane begins to speak negatively of one of my photographers (I had hired two to do the job) and began to correct me on what kind of photographers I should hire to work with me....now missy....first off, this photographer and all photographers that I have and do work with go through an intense screening process. Not only do I view their portfolios and talk to their previous clients but I also test their skill on the spot by making them take my photos - I am obviously very picky and a high maintenance DIVO and do share some of their work with Broaday Casting Directors, whom I also work with, to get feed back on the type of photographs that are desired in this industry and help talent get called in for auditions. Obviously all of my photographers are overly qualified individuals in the professional world of photography...and the words and comments that Jane Doe referenced had absolutely NO validity because Jane Doe is a makeup/artists in Utah(nothing against UTAH...but really?!? GAWD!!!)....soooo, before you begin to comment on a photographer of mine....know the facts....get more professional work yourself (other than Utah hair and a couple of jobs by mutual friends of ours - and lets be honest in Utah the hair has been known to be higher than the mountains - and growing up in Utah I know this first hand) and know what you are speaking about and actually take the time to get to know all photographers that you are working with....IT IS YOUR FREAKING JOB - YOU DON'T NEED TO LIKE THEM - JUST DO YOUR JOB THAT YOU WERE HIRED BY ME TO DO. You have ruined the chance of other UTAH talent being hired by me for make-up/hair as I have a slew of professional talent from New York who have been considered for "Shear Genius", been on VH1, MTV and Make-up artists who have done celebrity talent, Fashion week and graced many major magazine covers and articles - what have you done missy? I wish that I would have used my BEST FRIEND for this job - as I had originally hoped to do - I will use her when we are back in Utah for sure she is such an easy person to work with - obviously Jane Doe's and my relationship is caput! Thank you JANE DOE for this headache - enjoy your Christmas in Utah - oh wait, I will be there too - see you there!

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