Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Working with Shane Maritch - brilliant - thank you!!!

So I had the joy this weekend of working with two wonderful people - Shane Maritch and Nyle Caisley - two very dear friends of mine. On Sunday we literally spent six hours taking care of me - so amazing - and trying to get as many pictures of myself for my new website(http://www.rancewright.com) which is currently being built for me. The patience that Nyle and Shane had for me was seriously amazing. And for one who owns his own photography company (http://www.thephotographytrain.com) I am a very picky with what I am looking for and how I want to be represented... and honestly was completely happy with Shane's work (http://www.shanemaritch.com) and Nyle's work (http://www.paparazziperfect.vpweb).

(As I got to the serious shots of the day it was difficult for me to present a serious more intense look in my headshots...right then I received a phone call on my blackberry that ticked me off)

Well Nyle and Shane were brilliant and could tell what had just happened to me - so Shane picks up the camera and Nyle starts shouting "Use how you are feeling now" - "Shane catch these shots" - we had been looking for a serious look all day and I can honestly say - I think we got em. I keep looking at those picture that Shane took and keep laughing - cause I was pleased!

I suggest them if you need headshots! Great to work with!

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