Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Me and My companies - "Little House On The Prairie" the musical - Wright Way Master Classes/The Photography Train

Many people are wondering why I keep on posting information about my personal companies on my blog - shouldn't a blog be all about me and my doings. Well, to answer the question constantly asked of me....Yes a blog should be all about my doings....if you know me well then you know that my companies are a lot of who I am. I am very proud of these ideas that I have created, copyrighted, etc. to be individual and also to share with the rest of the world. In a way - I am like a proud dad who is watching his babies take their first walk into the world. It is both exciting and scary - believe me - it is scary....because my hope is to find success in this world. Understandably I don't expect miracles - although that would be nice - however, I do hope for good things.

If there is anything I have learned about this opportunity, it is the fact that there will be somethings that don't work, and perhaps they just wont work because the economy is screaming heavily against it. But it doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't a success. In my eyes - its business and you try again later.

When I was younger I use to think that failures were huge road blocks. Now as I am getting older in life I am taking failures more as corrective criticism and steps in a right "WRIGHT" direction. This keeps me upbeat and looking forward to the next opportunity in life.

I am so grateful to the powers that be - that offer up such kindness in my direction. More often then not I feel unworthy of that greatness and humbled constantly by those who find themselves around me.

I had the pleasure this weekend to see "Little House on The Prairie" the musical at "The PaperMill Playhouse". I have to be honest - I sort of loved the experience, the music and for sure I loved the leads in the show. Thank you for taking me on a ride to the new frontier my friends. Job well done! (Thank you Alison Franck for inviting me as your guest - fun times as always! Loves!).

If New York City has taught me anything - its that you take every opportunity you are given and RUN! I love it here!

check out the following websites:

The Wright Way Master Classes
(There are still spots available in the NATIONAL CLASSES in Nashville, Chicago, Orlando and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.)

The Photography Train
(Currently scheduled this fall to do stops in Nashville, Salt Lake City, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Gainesville, Orlando and Miami)

Again - thank you for your support!!!

Kind regards,

Rance Wright

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