Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Never let them see you sweat"

So recently I have been questioning a lot of my motives for doing things - and asking myself why. I believe that this economy is beginning to get at me in much crazier ways than I actually thought were possible. I am loving my life right now - however, trying to grasp a hold of every opportunity passing me right now - is starting to get a little overwhelming - and at times seeming a little to much. So what do I do, push forward and just let things roll on by or breathe and perhaps allow others to grasp a hold of the opportunity with me and still allow things to roll on by because of possible complications with those people - perhaps no complications at all - I dont know.

Lately I have been feeling the weight of other peoples needs for work and money and their struggle of not finding relief is begining to pulling me down and eat at me. My desire and willingness to help other people is so very important to me - and it begins to become a damper or overall pain when I feel like the responsibility fully lies in my hands - not that I am not capable of helping - but I do not need the weight of those around me to dampen my passions and excitement for life by giving me worries or doubts in the world or the economy....eeeek!

My mother always said "Never let them see you sweat" - because it shows a lack of personal strength.

In this world it is important that we are strong people individually - strong enough in showing value to who we are - people who do not nag or show a need for work will survive in the end. In the theater world - more specifically - we are taught to never show in the audition room the NEED or overall want for that particular job, for it seems TOO DESPERATE. Lately, I am starting to observe this reality and the truth that it holds. I feel the weight on myself and amongst those around me - I love them (my friends) - and hopefully soon it will be less of a NO from me and more a reality of YES to be able to help - I need support and not fear in the future ahead.

I guess this is more an awareness post today - for whom - who knows.


Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

Rance it is ok to say NO.
You can't always save people either. They need to be self reliant. The Savior wants us to be that way. He and only he can help us to be Selfreliant. You are a great Person with a Great Spirit. People can feel that when they are around you. This economy does stink and you can't change that. We need to press on and find the good things in life. Never forget who you are. I tell others who complain. It's ok you can have a 10 minute pity party but then Smile and move on with your life. Keep your spirits up and I Love you!

Rance said...

Thank you Laura :)