Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Booster Shot for 2010 with 6 Broadway Casting Directors and 3 Agents

***Hello Everyone - You do not want to miss out on this opportunity here in NYC!!!***

6 days with 6 Broadway casting directors = a great beginning to 2010. Then immediately after being seen by 6 Broadway Casting Directors you will have the opportunity to work with 3 of NYC's best agents (currently: Jason Lane of KSA, David Krasner of THE MINE, Joel Carlton of DGRW Talent Inc.). January 11-14, 2010 and January 18-20, 2010. Be seen and work with some of Broadway's most influential Casting Directors and Agents. The Booster Shot is a great way to tune up your material and find out what is and what is not working for you before you get into the middle of audition season. The cost for these seven classes is $350.00 ($50.00 per class) for Equity Members and $400.00 for Non-Equity Members and there will only be 10 Booster Shots available. Other than the Booster Shot offer there will only be 5 slots available on each individual day for those who prefer to choose the Casting Directors they would like to work with. The Booster Shot is the best offer at $350.00 for seven classes for Equity Members and $400.00 for Non-Equity Members.

Casting Directors:
January 11 - Duncan Stewart
January 12 - Merri Sugarman
January 13 - Michele Weiss
January 14 - Alaine Alldaffer
January 18 - Alison Franck
January 19 - Eric Woodall
January 20th - (agents) Jason Lane of KSA. Joel Carlton of DGRW Talent Inc. and David Krasner of THE MINE. (Very Excited!)

To learn more about the class and to sign up go to:
http://www.wrightwaymasterclasses.com and look up "Booster Shot of 2010" under the New York City Classes.

Kind regards,

Rance Wright
Wright Way Master Classes

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