Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amazing Support - So Much good - Emotional

I am overwhelmed by the amazing support that is being given to me in regards to the New York Aids Coalitions need for money.  People it is ever so true and ever so needed....thank you for taking the time and for helping to make a difference.  Thank you.

My life recently has been filled with so much good - so many amazing things have crossed my path. Wonderful Friends, Wonderful Family and Wonderful Relationships.  People who are all looking out for me, people who want to see great things in my life and people who know how to say  just the right thing.  

So this last week was very busy for say the least. And by the weekend I had gotten only fourteen hours of sleep in 4 days.  I had done a successful job up in everything I did that weekend - The Photography Train was a success and my performance in Stamford Towncenter was a success (which by the way I am now being robbed of $1850.00 from Michael Davids or Michael Demos, whatever he now chooses to call himself).  Due to all of the stress it left me drained and boy did I get emotional....I had asked someone very close to me to get some throat lasanges (not sure if I spelled that right)...and when I found out that they hadn't done it...I started to cry uncontrollably.  People this was not some wimper...this was a right out tears dropping like a waterfall from my eyes - aka: crazy.  I cried for nearly an hour...I cried even when I was laughing out loud - OUT OF CONTROL CHAOS.  Yeah, really cool Rance...really cool!  hahaha!  YEAH...EMOTIONAL ME!

Anyway, thank heavens they didn't go!  

I have also gained a new found love for a French Bulldog named Madeline - yeah - dogs love me...and I love dogs.  Every night if I am around she will lay on me to go to bed or at least lay on me till I need to go to bed.  However, when I try to move her...she is not easy to shift...and will roll her eyes over at you as if to say "HOW DARE YOU SHIFT ME AWAY FROM YOUR WARM CROTCH"...just saying!

Anyway...I am tired...and I feel it important that I head to bed.  But as I say goodbye to you tonight...I am going to leave you with one of my favorite Whistlers of the 80's and 90's - Mrs. Mariah Carey herself!


Kimberly said...

Rance, You are an AMAZING person, Im proud of what you are doing, and who you are becoming...

Know I LOVE YOU ~~~

nyn said...

Wow, so much stress. I know that kind and it is hard emotionally. I hope you get caught up on sleep. I love you and am sending some loving thoughts your way.

RY & MAND WRIGHT said...

I'm sorry it was a stressful weekend but well done on all you accomplished.. You are so great sorry you didn't feel good i can just see you standing there head down sobbing with no throat lozenges SAD but funny you are so wonderful... Sometimes a good cry though just does the trick

Rance said...


Aleisha said...

Love that song!!!