Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11 - Life Experiences - Rachel Zoe Project

Tomorrow is September 11th and obviously a day that will be remembered by the United States of America for many different reasons. Obviously the destroying of the Twin Towers is the most apparent of them all. As we turn our minds and hearts to this memorable moment of death and change may we also take the time to celebrate what we have. Regardless of the challenges that we have to face or the individuals that may help or destroy us - it is important that we take time to always try and look at the good of others. Trying to focus on what didn't work or didn't help in any situation is taking to much time on the negative of our lives. So looking to the good of others will always be a more beneficial and helpful way to helping those that we may come in contact with later on in life.

I am not perfect and will never express to others that I am. I try my best to be the best me. What does that mean? That I am at fault for everything in my life...whether good or bad. I am also proud of my own change and opportunities. I am proud of where I am at....I have experienced life to date the best way I know how, continue to do so, and will only become better as I learn more about who I am.

Never assume you know someone - because often times they hardly know themselves. That goes for friends, relationships, bosses - It is best you smile at these experiences, people, opportunities and move on and never look back.

Wow, I have vented - sometimes I just got to vent.

PS: I was watching the Rachel Zoe project on Bravo - and let me be honest, I would rock at being one of her assistants. Spread the news!!! hahaha!


Shelle said...

do it! Can we nominate u? :)

Rance Wright said...

Rachelle I suggest you go to Bravo and mention that Rachel Zoe should have an assistant located in the NYC area and that it should be me! It never hurts it out there!

Love you!