Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miss My Mommy-Committment

I want my mommy!!! That isn't a joke. I miss my family, and I miss my mom a whole lot! Call me a momma's boy .... cause guess what .... I am. Regardless of how successful I am in life I will always be fond of my family and their impact in my life. Each of them has such a influential and important place in my heart...and I will forever be grateful for their continued influence on me.

I vacated about seven days from my blogging - so there is a lot of catching up to do. During this time away I have come to realize what a passionate person I am. Not only in my craft but in life. I do care for each individual and their path of happiness.

I realized that I would rather sacrifice my desire for happiness to make sure that another individual chose what was correct over what felt right. There have to often been those moments in life where I have pushed for my desire to be happy...and I have seen others choose their own "now" happy moments over commitment and devotion to me. I would not however allow this person whom I considered a remarkable human being to make the same mistake with me that I know others have done against me. Yeah sure I cried for 5 hours...but I got over it and have moved on. I knew that what they chose was the right choice...and I support them....for making the difficult but correct choice.

Commitment in forms of love or friendship should never be taken lightly. And sadly in New York City people are so transient. Some people do not understand the importance of staying true to one person and when the road gets tough they move onto something or someone else - rather than just humbling themselves and realizing that the change may need to happen in them. I am a patient person...I am a person with heart. And perhaps that is why my heart has been broken for so long...perhaps I believe better in people...when they sadly don't believe in themselves.

So family...I love you...I will always stand by you...and oakleigh (that is how you spell it right? Sorry for spelling it incorrect the first time)


Kimberly said...

Rance, You are an amazing person, and I believe that even though Im on the west coast right now, I still am and always be there for you.. as your True friend. but I believe you already know that, remember I love you and miss you babe!!!!

Aleisha said...

Families are the best aren't they? You are a wonderful person and I LOVE being around you.


Love you BRO!!! I miss you like crazy too! Hugs and kisses!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Yes you spelled Oakleigh's name right! lol!

We all love you...but I suspect you know that, since we still have the passion to always argue with you! :) Yet somehow STILL love yoU! :)

Glad you wrote some have a great way with words!

The Dennis Wright Family said...

Hey Foxy Dude,
I LOVE YOU and always have! You are wonderful and I would love to come see you but we'll see! NO MON NO FUN!!! Get your voice up to snuff and get to some auditions. This is YOUR YEAR so get a job to get you by until it happens! I LOVED YOUR ARTICLE! LOVE YOU!