Friday, September 5, 2008


New York City is a city that will either eat you up or tear you down. Over the past many months I have found myself feeling the strength of this city. I have also began to feel my weakness's as well. I thought I was such a strong person...who didn't need the help of others to move forward. But sometimes realizing that we are not invinsible allows us to become stronger.

I am at a standstill of whether I should stay in NYC or move to my hometown in Utah to figure things out for myself. What do I do? Only I know the answer. Perhaps seeing my family and the beauty that they are to me...will help me realize the person that I am. A strong, giving person.

Now, moving onto the elections. I have taken the time to listen to both the Democratic and Republican Conventions...and after being convinced for over 6 months that I was going to vote democratic I had the opportunity to listen to Sarah Palin the Republican nominee for Vice President defend her ability to run this country (this of course after the Democratic nominees were dissing her in public) - do not slap a women and not expect her to slap back...get real Obama/Biden. I am now going to vote Republican. Perhaps if those who disagree with me actually listened to everything said at both conventions - they to would be voting Republican as well.


Shane said...

Hey broth-a from the same moth-a!! I have to admit ... her speach was AWESOME!!! I wasn't that sold on either candidate until her speech too!!


What is up!!! I am glad you finally have a blog! Make sure and keep it updated!!!

Shelle said...

YAY for family blogs! I love your first post...teary eyed all the way!

Rance...totally here for you! I love you! Especially now that you are going to vote Republican! lol-I kid!

I too wasn't convinced until I heard her the lady can talk!

The Dennis Wright Family said...

I am also happy that you are thinking about coming to visit your FAM!!! Yippy!!! You are a wonderful person and have many talents to share with others! Remember, unto whom much is given, much is expected!

I love you so much and hope that you'll make some wise decisions.

I also am excited that you feel that the Mccain/Palin ticket has a chance to win in November and that we'll have a better country because of their leadership!!!