Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off to the park

It is Saturday afternoon and I am sitting here figuring out whether I should head to the gym or head over to riverside park and go running - decisions, decisions. I have decided the latter...heading to the gym is such a chore...and I would rather not involve myself with chores today. I have already cleaned my apartment and my room...(as if one doesn't involve the other..hahaha) and well, need to get some physical action today. So off to the park.


Janae said...

Wow Rance I found your blog. Where are you. Come and check out my blog, just click on my picture. Leave a comment so I know you came. See Ya, Janae

Brandon & Rachel Doyle said...

Hey Rance -- I was on Janae's blog and found you -- love the picture on the blog -- you look great as usual..
Take care -- Rachel Cornwell-Doyle