Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Post HANNA/Enrique Ramirez/Taking Time

So I survived my first ever tropical storm - aka: Hanna - and it was tons of fun, and wet and dark and well fun. What can I say I have been in storms before, but not storms that lasted more than 2 hours. HAHA! There wasn't any flooding in my neck of the woods but there sure was flooding throughout the five boroughs. I am not sure New York City would be ready if there was a Hurricane to hit directly on the city. It would possibly be more threatening to the city than 9/11...killing and destroying more people and land mass than we could think of. Our we ready?

I just recently heard of a website called hireasaint.org...only a mormon would create such a website...I love it! I am currently looking at the website and have found it to be pretty...well...NYC located. I guess since I live in NYC that aint so bad. HAHAHA!

It is storming again today and the weather is suppose to begin moving into less heat and cooler air. Looking forward to the cooler weather, it has been pretty hot in this area of the world.

I was working on the New York Aids Coalition's "Sunset Cruise For Change" which was to happen on September 22, 2008 - I however, felt it best to move it to April of 2009 to make sure it is a success. I also feel it is best that I move my thoughts to something different for a little while so that I can take care of myself. Sometimes taking time to ourselves is not such a bad thing.

I have had people in my life whom I thought were friends of mine. And realized later on that they were only self absorbed in their (Enrique Ramirez of face to face nyc) own career and were simply using me as a way to move forward, because they didnt have the strength themselves. One thing I have been blessed with is the freedom to strong opinions and also the strength to believe in my opinions - whether they are right or wrong. Enrique had the nerve to text me yesterday and try to bring up some sort of situation between us. I still havent been paid by his company for almost 160.00 dollars. If he wants to bring up lack of friendship and professionalism perhaps he should look at his company and the worth of his workers.

Family is always a strength of mine and always will be. I love them. And I totally appreciate their great comments to my blog. Love you guys!

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