Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Remembering - Powerful healing tools

It is 5:55pm - Oh my I have forgot yet again to get the bills together and give them to my roommates. If there is one thing I suck at it is procrastination. Yes - I said it ... I am a procrastinator, and yet I can not pull my fingers away from this computer to give a tinkers darn (its a mormon cuss word in case you werent aware). Today is 9/11 - obviously by the date you can read up above...and I had the opportunity this morning to watch on TV(since I had no energy to get up any earlier than 840am) the tribute to those who died as part of the twin towers being destroyed. That day still boggles my mind - my waking up in Las Vegas, having just left New York City myself and realizing that the world that I was so familiar with (aka: walking out of the christopher street stop near NYU campus and looking to my left and seeing the Empire State building and looking too my right and seeing the Twim towers so that I may get my grounding of which way I was walking) was gone. It was sad to realize that such an important landmark in NYC history was in moments taken away from this world.

I had the opportunity in November of 2001 to return to NYC for a call back for Les Miserables on Broadway. I flew into NYC from Los Angeles for a weekend, stayed with friends, ate very minimalist and realized how different NYC was from just a year prior. It was disheartening to feel that difference....and yes it is could feel the difference of that city. People were humbled by the experience, regardless of what others may have said....the city would never be the same. Forever changed by having the ground that they so firmly stood on taken from beneath them. The city in 2008....though strong....still holds onto that fear that it could again happen to them. Are we more prepared for a terrorist attach today then we were back then? I would hope so...but have a feeling that we are not. I personally could whip those terrorist with the back of my hand....but no one has ever asked me for my help....and for good reason.

I feel that I am more a helper than a can blame my mother and father for that. I choose to heal with my heart, my hands and my voice...and I believe those to be amazingly powerful healing tools.

Loving someone, Loving a city, having a passion for anything is important - if we do not have passion or a hope for something greater...than we have nothing.

My dear friend Rebecca Holt and I went and sang today with Dee on 86th Street and Central Park West - I realize that I am so out of voice. I must get back to my voice lessons this upcoming week. I will do that! And be ready for some major auditions by October! Still thinking I will take a 2 week break to Utah to enjoy their company and see my new neice "Oakley" and all of my neices and is important that they have the opportunity to visit and enjoy Uncle Rance!

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

THe kids would LOVE that...but make sure you spell "Oakley" like Oakleigh...cause that's how she spelled it, not! Love you!